Sunday, September 28, 2008

Father/Son Weekend...Mother/Daughter Weekend!

It's amazing how simple-minded children are and how they can bring you back to what matters in life...remind you to not get so caught up in things that are fleeting. My children and my precious husband are the most important things in this world (aside from my relationship with Christ) and despite all the stress and craziness of life right now...I feel blessed to have had a few hours of simpleness with my family. Having said that - you all most likely wont' want to read's long and detailed, only because I wanted to make sure I remember how special it was for us.

Chad and Shepherd went on a Father/Son Camping Excursion with our church this weekend! Shepherd was just giddy with excitement! Chad blew me away...when I got home from work on Friday, I went to go start packing Shep's things, but Chad stopped me and said he had already packed his car with a tent, two new sleeping bags (which he had purchased), their clothes, and outdoor toys for he and Shep to play with together. It just warmed my heart that he had taken time to prepare for this trip all on his own! They had such a fun time together...they made new friends (there were about 50 other Father's with their children) and they enjoyed the relays...even won a few! Shep called me around 11pm Friday night to tell me he was sleeping in a tent in the woods and his sweet little voice was just adorable - he was so filled with excitement that he and Chad didn't get much sleep that night! :) They roasted marshmallows over the bonfire, grilled hamburgers, and were given a sweet picture frame that our children's ministry leader (Donna) handmade and filled with a photo from Friday night - so sweet! I'll post pics later on.

Shortly after Chad and Shepherd left Friday, Rauly and I headed over to Mandarin to kick some booty on the Volleyball court! We had a doubleheader and won - it was so much fun!...I can't tell you how refreshing it has been to do something that is completely for MYSELF - it's been too long! And to spend some time with TALL people - lol - I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but it's nice to be around other tall, athletic people who enjoy the same sports as you do! After the games ended, we drove back to Fleming Island and got some good ol' La Nopalera to go. We had a mexican picnic on the floor in the living room and watched the Little Mermaid till around 10:30pm. I then let Rauly sleep with me...until I was woken up at 2:30pm with knocks on my door.

YES...someone was banging on my door at 2:30pm and I FREAKED OUT! I immediately began praying that all my family was safe and unharmed. I then immediately began praying that there wasn't some crazy rapist at my door...while I prayed I dialed Chad's cell and when he answered I started whispering that someone was at our door...I was SO SCARED! He reminded me that we have a peep hole and suggested I go look out there. I opted to go look out my upstairs window first, and when I did, there was a security guard sitting in my driveway looking up at me. I threw my hands up and mouthed for him to stay there - when I opened my door, he was standing next to the teenager who lives next door to us...she was very out of it and looked hung over. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was locked out - SO...she wound up coming in to our home while she waited for her parents to get was 2:45am and her parents were not home. CRAZINESS! I used that time to ask her how she was doing...I was sad for her when she finally left...that girl needs prayer!

Anyways, the next morning, Rauly and I got Dunkin' Donuts and ate them on the river while we watched the fish jump out of the water - it was a gorgeous day! After that, we went to get manicures...Rauly made the announcement that she was SO happy and that I was her best friend! That statement hurt my heart and convicted me that I need to do better - my sweet little girl doesn't get enough of ME throughout the day and I plan on working on that! We ended the morning by going to the Puppy Store and cuddling about 20 different breeds. Chad and I want to do that much more often - what a joy it is to spend time one-on-one with your children!


Gina Harmon said...

Linds, That was the sweetest commentary of our times. We are all so busy and sometimes lose sight of the blessings God has put in our lives. I'm so happy that you and Rauly and Chad and Shepherd got to spend such great one on one time together. Rauly and Shep's response says it all. Kids loves being the center of their parents attention and it's hard to do it enough, but you guys are doing great. Thanks for loving our grandkids so much! Love you! Mom (GiGi)

Michael and Hannah said...

Rauly and Shep are so lucky to have such loving and attentive parents! You inspire me to create special moments with my children as well. Oh, and I wish I were taller and more athletic. If you ever get a craving to hang with someone short and klutzy, give me a call!

Morgan Holt said...

Such sweet moments that will always be treasured! Sounds like you all had a great time together!

Jamie said...

I just love that Lindsey Eason!
You are awesome!
I am really thankful for the hour we got to spend together today! I am always so refreshed after being with you.
Love ya!

Melody said...

You're a wonderful Mother!. I loved reading every word of your Father/Son Mother/Daughter weekend.

Your kids are so blessed!

Linda said...

What a fun weekend for everyone....those are special times those kids will always remember! We love you! Linda

Hicks Family said...

i love girlie time too! sounds like a fantastic weekend for everyone. i haven't forgotten your email...