Sunday, August 10, 2008

Janey's Garden...

A year ago yesterday, sweet Janey went to be with God up in Heaven. Her parents, John and Melissa decided to surround themselves with love as they celebrated her precious life. We joined them and many of their friends and family yesterday in Valdosta. I won't say can go to Melissa's blog to see more pictures and to hear her story once she updates. My pictures are from the first half of the afternoon and unfortunately I didn't get any of the rest of the Dasher kiddo's with their sweet families. I've come to really enjoy all of Melissa's childhood friends - they're very welcoming!...and many of her family members have become family to Chad and I - they're a very special crew!

We didn't know until we arrived that there was a full afternoon filled with water our kids went redneck and played in their undies...I figured this would most likely be the last year that Shep would be comfortable doing that, so I just enjoyed his innocense and laughed my heart out!

K-K and Rauly running from girls!

Which way should I go?...Which way should I go?...

Kayden: " think he's gonna' leave us alone?!"
Rauly: "Not a chance sista!"

Run Rauly - save yourself!

Bring out the red-neck slip-n-slide...yes people...our husbands were responsible for throwing our children on to their backside to then slide precariously down a somewhat painful tarp...y'ouch!

Kayden was SO stinkin' brave...she was begging for more...we were laughing SO hard!

Rauly went down the slide once...this was her expression afterwards...needless to say, she didn't go down again! :)

Kristin Blount (and her baby), Cindy (her mom), Cathy (Melissa's mom), Melissa (and her baby Brecken) and me. We were cheering the men on as they pushed Shep and Kayden down the me, they got a work-out!

Ryan Blount, Chad and John...definitely up to no good!

Me and Melis,...and if you could've only heard the jokes being made while we took this picture! People were telling Melissa to get on her tip-toes...I told them it just wouldn't do any good. (hehe)


tleaf10 said...

Thanks so much for posting! I wish I could have been there so bad! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and I am glad ya'll were there to help make a rough day easier. I SOOO wish I could've gotten in on that slip-n-slide action! Don't think Shep will be out of his underwear stage soon. It took me like 10 years and Melissa making me for me to stop wearing just undies in front of company :)

Candace said...

I wish that we lived closer so that we could have been there too! I'm glad that they have such a wonderful support system!

The Dawkins said...

It was good to see you and your kids in person.

Hicks Family said...

what a good post...I am having a hard time finding a minute to update mine. I will do it today though! So glad you could come!

Michael and Hannah said...

Very touching... still praying for Baby Brecken!

Amanda said...

Love the pictures of the guys throwing the kids down the slip-n-slide. Looks like so much fun. I would've had to hold myself back. Also, love the new floors! They look beautiful!

Kate said...

Did you know that Ryan Blount is one of my husband's childhood friends? Aaron and Ryan grew up in the same church in Kingston, TN. What a small world?!!