Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Goodbye Carpet....HELLO HARDWOODS! :)

When we lived in Savannah, GA I got so spoiled by having beautiful hardwoods in every room of our house...it was SO easy to clean, SO perfect for allergies and it just looked nice! When we purchased our condo, we planned to put in hardwoods, but life sped up and we just haven't made the time to do it...till now! Chad installed beautiful hardwoods in our dining area that will make clean-up so much easier and also will make our home much more "rental-friendly"...when that time comes. :) Neways, I was too lazy to take pics and upload them,...I just googled a color that matched our floors nicely. :)


Kate said...

I am a hardwood floor gal, too. They are so nice! Carpet grosses me out now. Post pics of your floor when you get a chance.

Jamie said...

Before I read your last sentence I was thinking, WOW I never noticed their piano, and WOW the hardwoods definitely make it look more roomy! LOL
Can't wait to see it!

Michael and Hannah said...


lauren said...

Yea! Hardwoods floors are so pretty! I definitely look forward to getting those some day. We need to learn how to do that ourselves!

Melody said...

LOL!!!....I have to admit I was looking at that picture thinking to myself....."Holy Cow!...Look at that Pimped out Piano the Eason's have". Then I finished reading and realized it was just a generic picture you posted. We have said for two years now we are going to put hardwood floors in our family room and we have yet to do it.

Enjoy your pretty new floor!~