Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear viewers,

This post is for all of you who read mom's previous post and may have been given the impression that myself or my brother are in fact, rascals. I gasped when I read that my mom had referred to us as Monster #1 and Monster #2! So, to prove that we are in fact the little angels that you had origonally thought we were, I wanted to show you pictures from this weekend...

*Here I am with my daddies bible...I wanted to hold it all afternoon after church and even wanted to take it with me to dinner! That's gotta' prove something right?! (Please ignore my bubba getting his nose wiped in the background and just focus on my sweet thumbsucking.)*

*Here I am patting the B-I-B-L-E as I sing my Bible songs. I am quite certain that a monster would never do that!*

*And although I would agree with mom's assessment of bubba being a Mr.Jabberwocky,...his sweet smile in this picture proves he's definitely no monster!...doncha' just wanna' pinch his cheeks?...I pinched him earlier today, but it wasn't on his cheeks. Oops...wasn't suppossed to say that!*


Jamie said...

Dearest Rauly, Indeed your mom was mistaken when she called you guys Monsters. Moms often say things they don't mean. Take MY mom, for instance. I'm regularly called the "bad baby" merely b/c I scream my head off any time I'm put down, or if I'm not getting enough attention or being talked to, or if my mom sits down. I would say moms just tend to overreact. I would not worry too much about it. Just tilt your head, widen your blue eyes and smile and you know she will once again be putty in your hands. Works for me.
Good luck, and you're cute,

Candace said...

What sweet angels you have!
I love Rauly's sunglasses!

Michael and Hannah said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Rauly Marie!

Melody said...

The thumb sucking just melts my heart!. None of my kids were thumb suckers. And her little lips all puckered up when she is singing is PRECIOUS!.

You got some cute kids girl!

Linda said...

Memaw agrees with you, Rauly....two little angels sent from heaven above!

Anonymous said...

So good to catch up woth you guys through your blog! Guess what, I have been up for 4 hours, unable to get comfortable enough to sleep. Just one of the joys of pregnancy! :) Your kids are beautiful, I cannot get over how much Shep looks like you and Rauly like Chad! BTW, I got a new email address, amanda.beller@yahoo.com. Wish we could see you guys!

Gina Harmon said...

Monsters? Who would even think such a thing? Rauly looks like a little movie star and Shepherd looks like her manager or maybe a groupie! They are cute, I must say! Since they have both just recently demonstrated their great singing abilities on the phone, it's really easy to imagine being in the car with them! Cute, cute, cute!