Saturday, November 17, 2007

1. Name: Lindsey Renee
2. Birthday: May 1st
3. Birthplace: Little Rock,AR
4. Eye Color: Brownish green
5. Hair Color: Dark Brown
6. Height: 6'0
7. Ethnicity: Caucasian
8. Weakness: Perfume and Cologne, Clothes for my children, Very expensive Salons
9. Most missed memory: 1)College (specifically when Chad and I were dating)
10. Thoughts first waking up: Coffee! Seriously...the first thought!
11. Last time you cried: When I read Hannah Rogers most recent post.
12. Song title that currently says how you feel: I am a life that's changed...
13. What is the perfect day for you: First of all, it would involve a full nights sleep without any interruptions. Next, it would involve sleeping in as late as possible and then drinking a Pumpkin Spice Fat Free Latte from Starbucks. The weather would be beautiful and Chad and I would be able to sit outside and drink our coffee in peace and quiet while feeling the gentle breeze. We would then head over to whoever's home the kids had spent the night with, and take Shep and Rauly to a park for the day - they of course would joyfully obey every word we said, and would get along with eachother perfectly! That evening, we would all go to Bonefish Grill and spend way too much money enjoying a wonderful seafood dinner. :) We would then come home and cuddle in front of a wood burning fireplace till the kids fell asleep in our arms....then of course Chad and I would get another full nights sleep. :)
14. Ever been asked for an autograph? nope
15. How do you vent anger? talk it out...
16. Who do you talk to most on the phone? longest amount of time- a tie between my mom, Melissa and Jamie
17. As a kid, were you a lego builder? If my brother wanted me to play with him
18. Do you chew on your straws? Yes.
19. Do you sing in the shower? I never take a long enough shower anymore to sing...
20. Who's the last person you stayed up late talking to on the phone to? hmmm...probably Chad?
21. The last place you went to in a plane? AR
22. Do you cry at weddings? no
23. Are you afraid of the dark? Yes
24. What are you addicted to? Coffee, Chad, My friends, My kids...can't get enough of any of them!
25. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? Crunchy
26. Who do you fight with the most? I bicker with Rauly....I know, I know....I can't believe it's already started either!
27. Who can you tell anything to? Chad
28. Who can't you get enough of? I don't have a single friend that annoys me - I'm seriousely blessed that my handful of close girlfriends are people I could spend never ending amounts of time with!
29. Who makes you laugh the most? Chad
30. What is the worst feeling ever? When someone is hurting
31. How many pillows do you sleep with? 1
32. How many rings before you answer your phone? However close I am to the phone.
33. How many times do you press the "snooze" button? Our kids are our alarm clocks and unfortunately, they don't have snooze buttons....
34. How do you sleep? Curled up on my left side.
35. Last time you laughed: Today I attended a surprise baby shower for a friend of mine (Bree)...she was so giddy to see me there and her expression made me crack up!
36. Ever looked at someone ugly and said "EWWW"? I really don't think so....
37. What is your favorite color? Brown or Blue
38. What is your favorite state? Arkansas


Michael and Hannah said...

I'm honored to have been the last person to make you cry (wait, that didn't come out right!).

Leslie said...

Hi! I happened to find your blog while looking at someone else's blog. My husband and I went to school with Chad. It's great to see your family. Your kids are adorable! We still live here in Middleburg and would love to keep in touch.

Nathan & Lindsey said...

I know it was just for a second but it was nice to meet you guys at the wedding the other day. I know Lindsey was really excited about you guys being there.