Friday, August 03, 2007


It feels good to sit down and just blog for a while! Things are getting busy here in the Eason Household. I am acting as Chad's secretary for the business throughout the day which means that no matter where I am (in Wal-Mart trying to break up a fight between the kids, or at the pool in the deep end, or taking an afternoon nap), I have to answer my phone in a very professional manner and be prepared to take a message or answer questions regarding the business. It's a bit intimidating to me, but to be honest, I'm kind of enjoying it!

I have also been asked to be a part of the Children's Ministry in Jacksonville's Community Bible Study (CBS)! I am excited about will require 2 days of the week but will provide an excellent christian children's program for my kids to participate - very exciting!

On top of that, I've been asked to direct Christmas For Kids for our congregation and all of Clay County! AUGH!!! I'm probably most excited about this because I did this on a much smaller scale while living in Searcy - I headed up a similar program for Hope Cottage (an abuse shelter) and found it to be so fullfilling! This is going to be a MUCH larger scale project considering it's for an entire county and multiple organizations, but I know with God's help and with the help of volunteers who'll be working with me, we can do this!!

On top of THAT, I've also been asked to be a part of the Women's Enrichment Ministry at our church. This will require much less time on my part and since we started meeting about a month ago, I've had the opportunity to meet some awesome ladies...ranging in ages from low 30's to upper 70's! I'm thrilled to be working with these women and look forward to seeing how God will work through this group.

All of these committees and projects are requiring me to be on the computer working on lists, calendars and emails and so I'm finding that I have to be very organized with my time. I'm learning the art of prioritizing! I believe so heavily in friendships and have learned that when you are a stay-at-home mom, you HAVE to have I've lately been trying to make sure that me and my kiddo's are in a relaxed environment with friends at least 3 days a is keeping me sane. I'm a little concerned that as the fall semester starts and these projects become more demanding that my time with my friends will begin to dwindle,...I just pray that God will show me how to delegate and how to manage my time so that I won't get too overwhelmed. I'm trying to see this for what it is: a blessing and an opportunity to really become a part of our community...that was something Chad and I really wanted to do and I feel like God has answered that prayer.

Sorry - this post was probably really boring. :) I feel better after writing it all out doesn't look quite so intimidating once I see it all on paper. :) Hope you all have a good weekend!!


Michael and Hannah said...

Wow... I'm feeling overwhelmed just reading all of that! I don't know how you do it - and apparently still have time for an afternoon nap sometimes! I always have to work during Wesley's nap, so I never get to join him in slumber. And like you and I have discussed before, there are no other stay-at-home moms here for me to arrange play dates with. So I spend all day trying to keep Wesley entertained myself. I'm lucky to keep him fed and clean. I can't imagine doing everything you do! You really are one of those women that can just do it all! You're seriously making the rest of us look bad, though...

Lindsey said...

Hannah, sorry if I made myself sound like an "alpha woman" in that post because I am so far from that! I would never have committed to these organizations if Rauly was Anna-Kate's age - trust gets easier when they're older! I almost view these commitments as a bit of a break from the routine which is refreshing... And you're comment about the nap cracked me up - it really will get easier - I won't lie and say that it gets much easier to take a nap because for me, those are few and far between,...but they do happen occasionally, so there is hope! :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Don't tame your alpha woman for me... I need the inspiration!!! I'm really not just kidding. I think I need a little push sometimes. You really did inspire me. When Michael got home tonight, he asked me how my day was and I started this big hormonal lament that Wesley was the most unfortunate child to be stuck inside with me and the baby all day and my friend Lindsey makes sure her kids get 3 play dates a week! Michael calmed me down and helped me put that energy into some positive brainstorming. I really do want to seek out some of the types of organizations you are plugging into. I would love for you to lend me your expertise. Any ideas of where to begin?

lindsey said...

Hannah - I'm about to send you an email. :)