Sunday, July 29, 2007

The cost of Windex: $2.50
The cost of Detergent: $8.00
The cost of a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner: $1,000
The cost of cleaning your house while your children play peacefully in the play-room with Meemaw and Aunt Jenny for two hours: priceless!!!

The cost of Sponge Bob Bandaids: $2.00
The cost of Sponge Bob Sippy Cup: $4.00
The cost of a Sponge Bob book from the library to make your lil' man smile after he got battered and bruised by his little sis whacking him with a Sponge Bob sippy cup: priceless!!

The cost of leather seat protectors for car-seats: $10.00
The cost of Hermie Scripture memory c.d.'s to go in our new c.d. changer: $12.00
The cost of a Honda Odyssey: Too much!!
The cost of that "peaceful easy feeling" I get from driving around in my new vehicle: priceless!!!!

(This feature alone makes it pure automative Heaven for all moms attempting to lug Double Jogging strollers around!)


lauren said...

I love this blog! Very clever! I'm so glad you're enjoying your new mini-van!

ezell family said...

You are too funny! Hope that Shep is OK. Also, great mini-van story. We know all too well about transmission problems (try two new ones in my husband's trunk in three years). How did you and Chad like the bible study? We got another great on this Sunday and I think that I'm going to share that one also.

Whitney said...

Rauly-Marie. In the living room. With the Sponge Bob sippy.

Page said...

Hehe...I like the term "automotive heaven". Congrats on the new car!

kristy patterson said...

Poor Shepherd--his eye looks like it hurts :( Hope he heals soon.

Lindsey said...

Whitney - that comment cracks me up! Can everyone tell who rules the roost in this house?!

Michael and Hannah said...

Lindsey, when you're finished cleaning your house, please send Meemaw and Aunt Jenny my way.

Love that you are posting pictures of your van... aren't we the coolest?!

Anonymous said...

Love the new ride! So glad you're enjoying it! You can't get any better than Honda. I've had too many Honda's to count and they're excellent cars. :) I also loved your commentary. It's good to know that my little boy isn't the only one who gets black eyes. Ha! When did you say you were coming to visit again? That may be the week we start back to school for professional development. I hope not because I would love to see you and the babies! Even if it is, maybe we can get Lindsay and Nathan and all go out to dinner or something. What do you think? Will Chad be with you on this trip? We're finally back from Florida and I've been having to catch up on everyone's blogs! :) Love you! Shauri

Kate said...

I have a 2000 Odyssey and it is THE BEST! Mine's been through the ringer--let me tell ya! I have 147,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. Enjoy!

tleaf10 said...

Hey! when you coming to see me? (or me seeing you guys)?