Friday, July 20, 2007

(Please excuse the fact that Shep is in his "Bob the Builder" undies...this pic was just so cute that I couldn't resist posting it!) These are our fish...Georgie and Porgie are our gold-fish, and Black Lightning is...well, I have no clue what he is! We also have a sucker fish who, poor guy, he didn't even get a name! Shepherd named them and LOVES them...he would lay on our bar and stare at them all day if I'd let him! We let him feed them twice a day and figure he's learning a valuable lesson on how to take care of a pet. :) We've never been "fish people" but our neighbor loves our kiddo's and thought they would enjoy the fish...she gave us everything from the aquarium, the fish, the coral and rocks, the food, extra filters, a net, ect... - isn't that sweet?!

The boys in the pics below are Shepherd's buddies, Luke and Jacob. We met them at "Soft Play" in the mall and have been good friends with their family ever since! Jaime is such a great lady and is pregnant with their 3rd boy - whew - she's going to have her hands full in a few months! The pics were taken at the Club House in our complex...I love this place! We have two gorgeous pools to choose from, but we always go to the one with the club house because they offer such great ammenities like: a fully stocked fridge filled with every soda you can imagine including bottled waters. They also provide excellent gourmet cookies that our kids have come to expect every time we go to the pool! They also cater meals every weekend so we know every Sunday after church, if we want, we can go to the pool and have lunch for free! All our friends love our pool too, so we've started having 3-4 playdates a week at our complex so that our friends can enjoy the facilities as well! So, now you know where we are spending our the water - (which is one of the only bearable places to spend the day in the middle of July in Florida!). I'll have to post pics of Rauly swimming soon...she's now jumping in (cautiously) all by herself and is swimming in the deep end with her floaties on. **Don't worry grandma's - our eyes are glued to her!!**


Kate said...

Wow--free meals, and 2 pools!! That's nice! I'm jealous! I love the pics--so cute!

Michael and Hannah said...

Too cute! We need to get Wesley in swimming lessons... living in Florida it's kind of a must, huh? You'll have to give me lots of tips when it's time to throw him in!

Kimberly said...

You've got quite a set up there! Sounds wonderful! Love the pic of Shep!