Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Im so sleepy, yeah
Im so sleepy, yeah
I could lay my head on a piece of lead
And imagine it was a springy bed
cause Im sleepy, sleepy

I think Cat Steven's wrote this song for me! I have been so tired for over a month now!! When the kids wake up at 6:30am, I moan inwardly and practically fall out of bed. As I clean our house up while the kids are napping, I look enviously at our couch and imagine how wonderful it would be to crash and burn on it! And the best part of the day of course is night time - when our kids are asleep and I can blissfully and peacefully drift off in to la-la land! In fact, last night, I put the kids in bed at 7:30pm and put myself to bed at 7:45pm!! What is wrong with me?!?! I'm only 26 years old!!! (And no ladies, I am NOT pregnant!!) Maybe I need vitamins...? I despise feeling like this! I have always been such an athletic, energetic and "perky" person. Today, I wanted to slap myself and say "Get a grip lady - go put your tennis shoes on and WAKE UP"....instead, I gave in to my need for sleep and konked out on the loveseat while the kids napped. I think I'm probably just not taking good care of myself. I'm staying busy, busy, busy with the kids from sun-up till sun-down and am not taking time to eat healthy and or exercise. If I read this post on someone else's blog, I'd probably suggest: a)drink more water, b)exercise, c)get 8 hours of sleep. Guess I should take my own advice, eh?!


ezell family said...

I know what you mean... I could set at my desk, and nod off during the day. Then I had some blood work done (that's the best thing about working in a doctor's office)it turns out that my iron was WAY low. After one month of extra iron I felt so much better. Exercise helps, but maybe you should have your iron and thryoid checked out. Both of these things will cause extreme fatigue.
Just some food four thought!

Page said...

Yes, checking it out w/the doctor isn't a bad idea. Several years ago i was diagnosed with a vitamin b12 deficiency and, although it was quite severe and i had several other symptoms by that point, in the beginning phases it's just general fatigue. BUT, it doesn't hurt to just get a check up (which I wish I had done much earlier than I did!!)
I hope you start sleeping better! I'm big into sleep and worry so much about that when I have children. 8 hours is the minimun for me! I prefer 9-10...crazy, huh??

Lindsey said...

Anyone ever heard the song that goes "Somebodies prayin' me through...."? Well, I woke up this morning and realized the kids were still asleep at 6:45am...I laid there in the peace and quiet of our still room and the kids slept till 7:15am!!! I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone was prayin' for me - (probably my mom...thanks mom!). :) Hopefully the energy will continue throughout the day and the week!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh and Candace and Page - thanks for the info - if the lack of energy starts up again I will most likely go to the doc. :)

jkbaber said...

I tend to be tired all the time too. Even when I am not pregnant. I think my problem is that I don't sleep very soundly at night and I could also do more exercise and eat energizing foods. Right now I am taking advantage of Avery's nap time and letting myself sleep at least an hour.

Nathan & Lindsey said...

Hey Linds, I just wanted to let you know that Nathan and I created a blog spot too, so come on over and look at it! It's