Sunday, April 22, 2007

Please see Melissa or Terri's blog for updates from today. I spoke with both of them several times today and am SO relieved to hear peace in both of their voices after the doctors visit. If God wills it, baby Janey will stay strong till her origonal due date which is in September, but I will let Melissa say more about that when she feels ready to get on her blog again. As I've said before, I am in awe of John and Melissa (as well as their awesome support system!). I guess I shouldn't be though because of how many people are praying that God will provide them with strength and peace. Obviousely they will have difficult days ahead, but to hear Melissa's voice sound strong and sure and to know that she is truly seeking God's will in every decision she and John makes - wow! - I am very proud to say she's my friend. Well, that's all I will say for now but I do want to add a link to a site that I think will be helpful. Terri discovered this a few days ago and I think it would be good for all to read if you have the time!
What parents and friends can do for parents of a baby who has Anencephalie.

First I want to say a big Happy 27th B-day to my wonderful hubby!! To celebrate, we had a picnic lunch at the pier after church - we were both pretty tired from the past few days but were able to enjoy being with our kiddo's and wow - it was a beautiful day!!

We got back from from Valdosta last night after spending a few days with John and Melissa and their friends and family. We both hated to leave but felt confident that they would be fine without us. I am really amazed at how strong they have been - yes, there have been many tears, and yes there have been gut-wrenching emotions and questions that need to be answered,...but they have handled what life has thrown there way with the utmost strength and peace. I am just so proud of them! Chad and I just ate up Kayden - that girl is the sweetest thing and is blissfully ignorant to the grief that her parents are experiencing. I know she has been a much needed distraction during a very difficult time....there were moments when we would be on the verge of weeping and Kayden would walk in, scrunch her nose, smile a huge smile and say "beep-beep" and we would all just start laughing out loud as we quietly wiped our tears away. John and Melissa's appointment with the high risk pregnancy specialist is tomorrow afternoon in Macon, GA and I know they are hoping to have all their questions answered before they head home to Valdosta. Please continue to pray for them!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you guys were there this weekend and it's good to hear an update. I'm glad to hear that they've been able to experience moments of joy within their grief. I knew Kayden would be a huge uplift to everyone! I have been thinking about them and praying for them all weekend!

Tell Chapd Happy Birthday!


Kimberly said...

Beautiul pictures! Happy bday to Chad!
I know your friends are so blessed by your encouragement and prayers. Please let them know that we are praying for "baby bun."

Lindsey said...

For those of you reading this, Terri updated Melissa's blog with new info...I know how every little bit helps to be more specific in prayer. Thanks so much Tiffany and Kim for your sweet comments!

ezell family said...

Lindsey, I want to thank you and Chad for being such a good support system to Melissa and John. Also we want to thank you for updating us on what is going on. Adam and I really wish that we could be there to help with whatever we could, but it's just so hard being so far away and having a little baby too. I hope that Chad had a good birthday, and your kids are just too cute!
Adam and Candace Ezell

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey-It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend at Melissa's. I feel like I have known y'all forever. I am glad that you and Chad (Happy Birthday) were here for them. They are in our prayers. Stephanie

tleaf10 said...

I put an update on my blog if anyone wants to know more about Janey. Melissa told me to spread the word and this is the fastest way I know how to most of you. Thanks for everything ... Lindsey, you and Chad were wonderful!

Lindsey said...

Candace, thank you for your sweet comments over the past few days! I know we haven't met, but I feel as if I know you and your husband - I have heard many wonderful things about your family and hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to meet!

Stephanie - it was great to meet you too!! You should get in on the blogger world so that I can keep up with your family too! :)