Thursday, April 12, 2007

Calling all Prayer Warriors:
Please pray for some friends of mine in Savannah. Two women from my homegroup (Krissy and Abby) have husbands in Iraq. They've been gone for nearly a year and were approaching the end of their stay when they found out last night that they will have to serve in Iraq for atleast 3-4 more months. Abby and her husband have a baby who is not quite 1 and she is absolutely broken hearted (as you can imagine)...Krissy and her husband Steve have no children but are extremely close...they have one of the strongest marriages I have ever seen - she is absolutely devestated about the delay and has hit a definite emotional low. After Micah Gifford and Adam McSween's death (Melissa's highschool friend who was killed last Friday in Iraq), my concern for these young Godly men has risen significantly. Please pray that Angels will protect these two men while they continue to serve our country. Please pray that God will comfort Abby, her baby as well as Krissy - they are serving our country as well by the sacrifices they are making daily to be apart from their spouses. I will not go in to detail as to all that they're feeling but guys - these women need your continual prayers until their husbands are by their sides again. On a side note, Krissy is a nurse who works the night shift, and last week while driving home she fell asleep at the wheel - she wrecked her car pretty bad but God was good and protected her from serious injury. I can imagine she hasn't been sleeping well due to her husband being gone as well as the stress she has to be going through - like I said,...these women need our prayers.


nancy said...

Lindsey, thanks for sharing these two families with us. I pray daily for the men and women on the battlefield, but I will pray specifically for these two families, that Abby and Krissy will be strengthed and know the peace that only God can give and that the angels will be guarding over their husbands. Love ya!

Hicks Family said...

It is heartbreaking to hear these stories. I pray that God will be with them and continue to keep their husbands out of harms way. I can't imagine how hard this must be, but I can imagine all the thoughts that go through their minds daily. Thanks for sharig their stories. Little bit of prayer goes a long way.
Sorry I haven't talked to you in a while. I have been a workaholic. Ok, not really, but to me it has been exhausting. HOpefully, my boss will give me tomorrow off. :)
Talk to you soon.