Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update: Thursday
Kayden went home this morning. She still has a low grade fever and still has the diagnosis of Pneumonia, but the doctor felt like she was no longer at risk for having anymore siezures. Melissa is looking forward to both of them getting to rest today! Thank you all for your prayers - they worked!!

Update: Wednesday (This is from Terri Lee's blog)
Melissa just called me to give an update on Kayden this morning. She didn't sleep well last night and ended up pulling out her I.V. They were waiting til they saw the doctor this morning to see whether they needed to put it back in or not. Her fever had gone down during the night but she still has one. The doctor told them that the EEG came back fine so the seizure was just from the fever (febrile). He gave Melissa something to take home to help if she has another one but it is not expected. The doctor looked at the chest x-rays and saw that she has a bit of pneumonia from aspirating her vomit (close to when she had the seizure?). The pneumonia is keeping the fever up so they are going to continue on the IV and keep her another day at least. Please pray for them - Kayden is really tired of being hooked up to things and probably just tired of feeling bad. I'm sure the sleep deprivation will catch up to Melissa pretty soon so keep her in your prayers also. John's mom got there ok last night and read books with Kayden last night before she went to bed.on a side note - my dad told me that she kept trying to pull her wrist-band and band off her ankle to they told her it was a bracelet and that it looked good. To that she said "So Cute", and she left them alone after that. Can you say "Diva"?thanks for reading,-Aunt Terri

I want to ask for all of you to pray for Kayden Hicks. Kayden is John and Melissa Hicks little girl (Rauly's best friend). They have been in the hospital with Kayden for 2 nights now - she began having siezures yesterday evening and they are still awaiting the results of the EEG...hopefully they will have those tomorrow morning. I copied Terri's (Melissa's sis) post on to mine so that you all could read it. PLEASE pray for Kayden - she's had a fever all day today despite the i.v. anitibiotics as well as the motrin/tylenol. Also, Melissa is pregnant and is currently dead on her feet from being up all night caring for Kayden. Pray that her baby will not feel stressed and that Melissa and John will feel at peace knowing that Kayden is receiving excellent care.

written by Aunt Terri: (Melissa is pretty busy and tired)
Kayden was taken to the emergency room last night by ambulance after she had a high fever and had started seizing. Kayden is 16 months old and up til now had been pretty healthy. I talked to my dad off and on through the evening trying to get updates and relieve my fears. The Doctor said she had an ear infection that caused the high fever that, in turn, caused the seizures. This morning at about 2 or 3, she woke up and started talking and being back to normal so everything is on the right track for her to be fine. She still has a fever so Melissa thinks they will keep her again tonight (Tuesday night). Pray for all of us/them right now. Also John's mom is heading to Georgia, so pray for her safe travel. Thanks.


Chad said...

I am still in Florida (not with Lindsey and the kids), but I am praying for Kayden, and for strength for John and Melissa.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard how they're doing today? I will be praying for them. That has to be very scary. I feel for them.

It was so good to see you and the babies yesterday! Glad you got to come visit! Love, Shauri

Anonymous said...

Any word yet on how Kayden is doing today?

tleaf10 said...

Hey Lindsey, I'm really glad we got to visit some on Wednesday! You're kids are really cute and really sweet - I'm hoping to see yall again when I'm home!

kristy patterson said...

I'm so glad Kayden is doing better. She, Melissa, John and "Baby Hicks" have been in my prayers.
On a different note, I'm eager for you to get back in town and post some more pictures. I've missed hearing how the Eason clan is doing :)

Hicks Family said...

I don't think I thanked you for posting about Kayden and praying for her like you did. It was very comforting to me.
I am anxious for you to get back too. I want to see pictures! I am having trouble posting and uploaing pictures. Not sure why, I think it might be my computer. Sorry, I will try again tonight. Be careful tomorrow. Talk to you soon.

tleaf10 said...

Hey Lindsey - thanks! - I love working in the yard and it probably helps that I don't have much time for it ... it keeps me itching to get back out there!