Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're unhooking our computer tonight, but I am getting ready for New Years and wanted to do one last post on Resolutions before I sign off for a month. :) Do any of you make lists for dreams or goals you have? When Chad and I got married, we sat down together and made a list of everything we wanted to accomplish together. It's amazing how much a list can keep you on track for what you want and it can truly help you reach your goals so much faster due to keeping you focused. We take our list out occasionally and add goals or dreams, and we also check off the things we've accomplished already in the 4.5 years we've been married. So...since 2007 is right around the corner, I thought I'd start us off on our New Year Resolutions...I thought it'd also be fun to do a re-cap of the goals and dreams we've reached since we made our list. Let me say first though that these are our families goals - they may be FAR different from yours, and that's fine. We all have to try to achieve what we think is best for our own families.

Dreams and Goals achieved since 2002:
1.) We've grown closer to God by reading the Bible more, praying more and we've gone through many trials this past year that have forced us to not be stagnant in our walk.
2.) We've become young parents - Shep was born in 2004 and Rauly in 2005
3.) We're moving to the Fleming Island housing and school area in Jacksonville,FL
4.) I stay at home with our children while Chad is the sole financial provider
5.) We've surrounded ourselves with friends who build us up and encourage us to grow spiritually
6.) I've lost my baby weight and Chad is on his way to losing all of his f-ball weight

2007 New Year Resolution:
1.) Create a successful business on the side while Chad teaches so that he can eventually quit teaching and run our business full-time.
2.) Chad has a goal of losing 30 more pounds next year and I would like to gain muscle tone back
3.) Continue to pay down our debt (HU loans and pay down mortgage)
4.) Pray over Shep and Rauly every night while they're asleep...specifically for their protection as well as their future.

Life long goals and dreams:
1.) Be completely debt free (including mortgage)
2.) Be good examples to our children in all aspects (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial)
3.) Raise children who are strong in their walk with the Lord and who in turn will continue a legacy of faith throughout generations to come.
4.) Have time and financial freedom by being successful business owners.
5.) Travel to Europe, Hawaii and every state in the US - go on 1 cruise and travel to Atlantis. Go skiing in CO!!! (Yeah I know, we'd better start travelling now - but we have to meet our debt free goal first and so it may be a while!)

*Well, that's all I got so far - I know it's a lot, but trust me, over the year we'll cross out a few more goals that have been met and we'll add a few more to the list. It's SO fun and I'd encourage everyone to do this. Whether you're married or single, old or young, a list will help you achieve your goals!! Here's wishing everyone Health, Wealth and Prosperity and a Happy New Year!!


lauren said...

Those are great goals!! Every year we make New Years Resolutions for ourselves and our family. I really enjoy reflecting on the past year, too!

kristy patterson said...

What great goals!!! I was espically touched by the one where you plan to pray over your children every night. I am embarassed to say that I never thought to do that for Will (I mean, we pray for him but don't have a specific time set aside to do so), but after reading your New Year Resolution, I am inspired to do that with Payton. Thanks for the great idea! Good luck with all the moving/unpacking

aWare said...

What a great post, I think Chad and I will do one too. What kind of business? One of our goals is for me to stay at home too, it is really hard to do that and be debt free. I admire your goals!

Lindsey said...

Hey girls - we're in FL and we visited a church this morning. We were really surprised and a bit dissapointed by some of the comments which were made about New Years resolutions in class.Many comments were made regarding the fact that it's ridiculous to make a resolution to achieve something when you most likely will get distracted and fail. That's horrible!!! We all should try to better ourselves and I love the fact that New Years gives everyone the opportunity to start anew. Glad ya'll enjoyed this and I hope I've inspired everyone to continue to reach for your goals and dreams!!

nancy said...

Lindsey, thanks for sharing your goals for the new year. I am like you in that I think that it is always a good thing to see where we have been and where we want to be and especially at the beginning of a new year. When we see how much God has blessed our lives in so many ways it helps us to have a grateful heart and to want to serve Him better each day. You guys are such an inspiration to our whole family and we pray that God will be with ya'll in those things that you want to accomplish and if you are seeking His will for your life then I know He will give you the abundant life. Have a great New Year's and thanks for showing us the things that are most important. Love you all!

Kimberly said...

I'm with you, Lindsey-if we don't strive to be better how do we achieve success? I think Zig Zigler's main advice for success is to write out goals-and look where he's at! I hate it when people are negative about new years resolutions! I think its an excellent time to wipe our slates clean (although technically yes we can do it every morning) and start fresh with high hopes!
I loved your list and knowing you guys-I'm sure you will accomplish everything you strive for!

Lindsey said...

Aunt Nancy - Hope you all had a happy New Year!!

Kim - I love Zig Zigler...we listen to the christian radio station and I am always excited when he's given an interview slot or a time to preach. And I completely agree with you - every morning we have the opportunity to start anew!!