Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ok guys!!! Go to this link and listen to this HILARIOUS rap about Harding. Coach Beason from Harding emailed this to Chad and we listened to it last night...I was laughing out loud - it's so funny! I think 2 current students wrote the song. Click on the link below and then click on the Harding University song (it's on the right side of the page). If you didn't attend Harding...you won't understand the humor.


Hicks Family said...

John and I listened to the rap...very funny. It was all so true though. Hope you have a good day

Kimberly said...

these guys are getting a lot of publicity! It is pretty hillarious, however, it gets really annoying when "Meet me in the caf, it's goin' down" gets stuck in my head over and over!