Friday, October 20, 2006

Once upon a time in Arkansas,
An old man sat at his little cabin door
And he fiddled out a tune that he liked to hear
A jolly old tune that he played by ear

This is an adorable lullaby that Chad and I sing to Shepherd pretty's got several stanza's but unless you're from AR, you wouldn't appreciative the humor! We leave for AR tonight after Chad gets off work at 6pm - we should arrive in Little Rock at 7am! Please say a prayer that we have safe travels. We can't WAIT to see everyone! ( For those of you who married football players, did you catch the HU game on t.v. last night?...we had homegroup at our house and afterwards Chad turned the game on and everyone in our group got to see the new gorgeous football field along with all the coaches and players - and yes - HU won!!...all I could think when I saw the parking lot in the background was "We're going to be parked there next Saturday - yipee!!!" ) Love ya'll!


tleaf10 said...

Hey Lindsey, glad you watched the game last night! I was at it but it was very chilly here ... great win though! Can't wait to see you!

Kimberly said...

We caught the game on, too! That is the 2nd time we've seen HU play on tv this season! We were channel surfing and caught it and were so surprised that HU is bigtime in our book- now that they are on tv!
Were not sure if we'll be there on Sat. but if so I hope to see you and meet your precious babies! Hope you have a fun week in AR!! Were here in AR, too visiting family! Isn't it wonderful!!?

aWare said...

Chad and I will be at hteh game, hope to see you there!

Hicks Family said...

you need to get back in touch with a computer...or your phone! I am missing Lindsey. I know you are busy with family. I hope you are having a great week. Can't wait to see you all on Friday!