Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ok - I've been tagged (along with 2 other girls) to try and define these words that Katie has created. They've already got a meaning, I just have to try and figure out what they are. Can I just say that I am by far one of the most un-creative people out there and when I look at these words, all I see are basic definitions...but, hey - I'll give my boring answers anyways! :)

Papoot is my first word!
Papoot (Noun); A pet name you give to your child when they've been injured or hurt in any way (emotionally, physically). Ex: "Shepherd- did that little boy push you down?...Aw....come here my little papoot!"
As a side note, I probably think this is a pet name because all of my moms family is french and all of their pet names sound like "Papoot". :)

Hockstracks; (Expletive); A word a person can use in place of a foul word. Ex: "Aw Hockstracks - you pooped in your diaper again?!"

Shart; (Adjective); A word used in place of "ouchy" to describe pain. Ex: "Momma...Rauly gave me a shart cause' she bit me on the arm!"

I just realized that to stay in the spirit of the game, I was suppossed to "tag" 3 other bloggers and challenge them to define 3 of my commonly used made up words.
SO -

Ok girlies - your words are:



tleaf10 said...

Very Funny! you just crack me up...I especially like papoot :)

Lindsey said...

Ok - so, Melissa just called me crackin' up and asked me if I'd ever seen the movie "Along came Polly" (I think that's what she said it was called)...anyways, apparently in that movie, the word Shart is used, and it's in a vulgar conotation...sorry to anyone who has seen that movie and associates that meaning with that word. I had NO idea!!!

Gina said...

So you think you're not creative?! You've always had a great imagination and a zeal for dramatization! I think your definitions of these particular imaginary or invented words (I think they're invented?) are particularly creative! Mom

Kate said...

Okay, here are the meanings of the words, just in case you all were wondering:

papoot-My daughter, Moriah's word for poo-poo

hockstracks-I have no idea what this one is--Jack says it all the time and we can't figure out what it means!

shart-Molly's word for shark--I have also heard the "Along Came Polly" word and didn't remember that when I put the word on my blog. It is funnny, though.

Good job, girl! Isn't this fun?!

Lindsey said...

Katie - very relieved to hear what your version of Shart stands for! :) Isn't it so cute how kids come up with funny words?! Wish you were gonna be in LR while we're there...we'd love you see you, Aaron and your kiddo's!