Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Easons

The Eason's have a tradition of spending Christmas Eve at Callaway Garden's in Georgia, but this year we decided to stay home for the holidays. We knew we wanted to continue our tradition of being together as a family, so for Christmas Eve, we went to Chad's parents house. I'm soooooo on a roll with my camera the past few days ;-p, so I snapped a few pics before we headed out the door. 

Shep putting his photography skills to practice again ;-)

The girls gravitate to Jenny and spend every moment practically attached to her hip...they're so blessed to have her in their life!!  

The part of the evening our kids were itchin' for...the presents. 

Linda's house is always cozy and charming, but at Christmas time, it makes me's so magical! Every room has a loving touch added to it with Christmas quilts, cinnamon candles and a country/cottage charm that Linda does beautifully. I absolutely love her style...

Linda gave each of the girls an apron to wear while they assisted her with dinner preparations...they kept them on all evening. And dinner??...oh my. It was a feast fit for a King! 5 hours later and I'm still stuffed.

Linda had prepared a special activity for her and the grand kids. She took them outside for a while and when it was dark, the kids called us outside to walk down the windy driveway which was lit with beautiful candle luminaries. 

We ended the evening with a Charlie Brown Christmas and waved goodbye to prepare cookies for Santa...the kids are all snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug and are fast asleep. Shep has already told us he's setting his alarm clock so as to not sleep in tomorrow if that's necessary. ;-) 

Thank you again, Dennis and Linda for planning such a special evening for our family! We love y'all!

Merry Christmas Eve, from our hearts to yours! 


My Love Times Two said...

Looks like a great family Christmas! So glad you have them so close.

Michael and Hannah said...

Gorgeous pics and precious memories! We didn't get to go to Callaway Gardens either this year. That's two years in a row that we've failed to follow through on our one family tradition we created since getting married!

Gina Harmon said...

Yes a month later here I am getting caught up with your blog and loving it. It's such a good read! Love that you guys have at least one set of parents that you live by and can spend holidays with, etc. I loved reading about all the special things the kids got to do and you all got to experience on Christmas Eve at Linda and Dennis's. What a perfect Christmas setting in their log home in the country with Linda's special gift for seasonal decorating and her definite awesome cooking skills! So glad you guys had such a special time. I know Rauly (a future Paula Dean) was in heaven with the apron and cooking!!! :) This Arkansas grandmother GiGi is very happy you guys are so close to the Eason grandparents!