Monday, September 03, 2012

Turning THREE with Mickey!

Our Labor Day was spent at the Polynesian Resort in Orlando. The kids and I went several years ago with a friend of mine from college (we thought of you a lot today, Hannah!). Our last Character B-fast was very memorable and affordable thanks to Hannah's savvy tips on navigating Disney DIRT CHEAP!! We've been looking forward to an opportunity to return ever since, and Chad and I decided LA's 3rd b-day would be perfect. Dennis, Linda and Jenny joined us which made it so much more fun! I'm so glad we got to experience this as a family!

I really can't put in to words what a relief it was to travel with Lillie Anna knowing that our travels wouldn't make her sick. Or how much fun it was to watch her eat in a restaurant that went above and beyond to ensure that she had a yummy, well-rounded meal that was completely 100% safe (Disney is AMAZING with grain-free/gluten-free lifestyles!). The Chef came to our table and went over the ingredients that are in their "gluten-free" flour mix and then took notes on foods she enjoys, and proceeded to bring plates of food made special just for her. He even made a plate of steamed vegetables when we told him she loves broccoli. :-) After months of seeing her set apart because of her dietary restrictions, it was truly a gift to know someone was working behind the scenes to help her feel included. 

 Poor Pluto got mauled...Lillie squeezed his neck for quite a while. But, she kissed his nose a lot to make up for it! ;-) 

Shep is laughing about the fact that he would have to participate in the parade with Lillie...I'm pretty sure he was saying "Seriously??" to Chad. Because dude...he is waaay too cool for that kind of stuff these days. ;-)

After breakfast, a parade and time with Lilo & Stitch, Pluto and Mickey, we rode the monorail around the park a few times and then took a ride on the Ferry. The kids ate cupcakes (thanks to "Cookie Momsters" for their awesome grain-free treats!) while we all enjoyed the breeze and then it was time to head back home. 

 Attempt #1 at a family picture....could someone please explain to me why children feel the need to make silly faces, blink their eyes, or slouch in every. single. picture???

Final attempt at a family'll do. ;-)

 Have you ever seen an aunt/niece look more alike then these two?? I love that they are twinkies!

Thanks again Dennis, Linda and Jenny for joining us today and helping to make LA's 3rd birthday extra special! And happy birthday to our spunky bundle of joy! We love you, Lillie!!


Jamie said...

Awesome!!! Looks like such an amazing time!
Happy Birthday Lils!

Gina Harmon said...

Wish we could have been there to help celebrate! Looks like birthday girl enjoyed herself immensely. Lillie's definitely a party girl!

Michael and Hannah said...

Awwww, so sweet that you thought of me! We tried to eat there in June when my sister and her family was here but we could not get in. Reservations filled up months in advance but hey told us to come before the restaurant opened to see if they could seat us and we waited 30 minutes but didn't make the cut. We ended up eating a Chili's but I thought of you the entire time we were waiting in the Polynesian! Especially when I was in the elevator! Poor Rauly Marie! :o) Miss you and hope we can meet up again soon. Happy Birthday LA!!!

My Love Times Two said...

What a fun trip!