Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flying the nest!

My baby is flying the nest! She starts school tomorrow morning and in prep for that, we attended Orientation last Friday. Our preschool has held a very dear spot in our family's heart the past several years...Shep started there at the age of 3, Rauly was 2, I worked as the Director there and now, it's Lillie's turn to fall in love with the school! 

 Her fabulous teacher - Mrs. Frances! Lil's didn't much feel like standing that day, so Mrs. Frances was kind enough to bend down for this picture. As you can see, Lillie was more interested in the book...
The awesome "do-it-all" 2's/3's Assistant - Mrs. Bergin. We love you, Laura - so glad Lil's will be near you each week!! 

Watch out world - here Lillie Anna comes!!!


Jamie said...

Lillie! When did you turn into a big girl?????? I hope your first day of school is awesome!

Gina Harmon said...

Our little cutie pie is growing up so fast! It wasn't long ago when Shep and Rauly were this age. Enjoy every moment! I remember when you were this age...just a few years ago! ;)