Friday, June 22, 2012

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

When in Florida, do as the Floridans do. Swim. Lillie is treadin' water like a baby fish, while Shep and Rauly are attacking it with every fiber of their being in swim team. I was hoarse after watching their first competition last weekend - it occured to me at one point that screaming is pointless as our children's heads are under water practically the entire time their racing...but, that was a fleeting thought as I realize they are looking at ME each time they lift their heads for a breath and gosh-darn't, you'd better believe they're gonna see their momma cheerin' them on with every fiber of my being as they give it all they've got!

After two weeks of parenting solo I've gone a bit bonkers. We've been going non-stop between all the kids activities and I'll confess to having put the kids in the backyard once or twice and locking the door to get a few moments of QUIET! It's amazing what just 5 minutes of peace can do for a fried brain. But when they start plastering their faces on the windows and banging to be let back in, I sigh, square my shoulders and let the little monsters sweet angels back in to the air conditioning.

Wednesday needed a little bit of lazy...we still did swim team at the butt-crack of dawn ( southern slang comes out every now and then), but when we got back home, we got back in our p.j.'s and watched t.v. for hours and hours. Vegetation. It was pure awesomeness!

Remember how I said I was going a bit crazy?...

Day at the Zoo with the Graston's. As I'm typing this, Rauly just brought me a necklace made out of paper clips...ah, summertime...

This is how my first born wakes up. Every morning. Chirpy. Perky. Annoying. I love him. ;-)

Chad has been gone for two weeks now. He came home for a few hours on Sunday, and between laundry, cleaning and work that he needed to do, he still managed to connect with me and the kids. I had planned a date night for us that night, but about 30 minutes before our babysitter arrived, he realized his trailer had a flat tire. My heart sunk as I knew that meant I'd need to cancel our date night, but Chad refused to do that...he knew we both needed time together (away from the kids). And so he and his dad worked it out and I think Dennis sprouted Angel wings that night. He replaced our flat tire while we were sitting in a restaraunt holding hands...seriously...Dennis became a saint in my eyes and certainely deserves the "Best Father" award. (Thank you Dennis for blessing us in that way on FATHER'S DAY! We love you!)!!

Now, come home already Chad - we miss you!!!

And this is what our dining room looks like. Curriculum, books, binders. Can you guess what that means? you care? ;-) We've decided to homeschool this Fall. Shep and Rauly are ecstatic. Is it possible to feel excited and terrified all at once?...cause' those two feelings pretty much sum it up for me. Between all our activities this summer, I haven't had much time to focus on the upcoming school year so I decided to plop all our curriculum out, thinking that would force me to make time for it. Hasn't happened yet. Although seeing the books each time I walk by the room is helping me to wrap my around what's coming...ready or not!

I'm a dork...this kind of stuff makes my heart speed up with excitement. :-)

And I'm ridiculously boxed in...I love tabs, organization and schedules in's the little things that make my heart sing.

Playdates, Basketball, 3v3 soccer, Camp, swim team, lazy-hazy-crazy summer days...that's us in a nutshell.

OH, and did I mention I have a new nephew?? I will be loving on him in Portland,OR in approximately 4 days, 10 hours and 20 minutes. But who's counting? ;-)


chad said...

Nice post babe! I'm wrapping up the job now, will be home very soon to see my awesome family!

Gina Harmon said...

Love your response Chad! Great post Linds. I always love the pics with all the expressions you always manage to capture. It's so funny to me that you are into organization now - this is definitely a trait developed after you left home. I love it!

Jamie said...

Loved all the pics, and loved seeing you this week!

Michael and Hannah said...

So glad you are going to homeschool this fall! I know how much you love it and how hard it was for you to let it go when life got crazy. I know you will treasure the time with your children. Excited for you!

Marie said...

Exciting!!!!! What curriculum are you using. I have such a hodge podge, but don't have a grammar or phonics, nor a history...sigh. So behind!!