Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dancing Queen

This morning was Rauly's Dance Rehearsal (her performance is this evening). This being our first year in the midst of dance culture, neither of us knew what to we held hands as we walked up to the big building with bright lights and bling/glitter galore. We searched for the cluster of matching costumes and set about getting make-up, hair and shoes ready. And while she giggled and warmed-up with her adorable girlfriends, I stared. I was literally choked-up all morning long just looking at my beautiful girl! Where have the years gone?...when did she develop in to this lovely young lady? I struggled with guilt this morning as it hit me like a freight train that I am NOT making enough time for Rauly-girl -something I plan to correct.

Anywhoo, eventually I was ushered in to the auditorium to watch all of the groups of girls rehearse. And let me tell ya', you know you're hormonal when every single dance routine filled with girls you don't even know makes you cry - thank heavens it was pitch black so nobody could see me drying my eyes! I had to keep reminding myself after each performance that this is NOT a soccer game or swim do NOT whistle or shout after a ballerina clap politely. Did I mention we're new to the dance scene? ;-)

Stephanie and Rauly
Makenna, Hayden, Stephanie and Rauly - friends since preschool
Practicing a bow :-)
Rauly and Makenna are church buddies and now, dance buddies. :-) Sweet girls!
That right heart. Love her dearly and am so proud of her!


Jamie said...

Miss Jamie loves you, Rauly! You are getting so big, and I love that you are not only lovely to look at, but growing lovlier each day on the inside. I'm so proud of the amazing person you are! I love these pictures and wish I could have seen your dance performance in person! Perhaps next year your mom will remember to invite me as a special girls night event!

Gina Harmon said...

Oh that Rauly girl is just too cute for words! I absolutely hate it that we couldn't be there but am somewhat comforted by the fact that I will get to see the recording. You'll have to bring it when we meet in Portland so Jacob and Kate can see it too. So glad I'll be able to see you and the dancing queen soon!

Michael and Hannah said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! So wish our little dancing queens could play every day!

My Love Times Two said...

She is gorgeous!