Sunday, April 08, 2012


Wow!! I can't believe it's already April 8th! This year is already flying by...

Well, yesterday was spent preparing for today. Chad took Shepherd to UF (University of Florida) with some friends and so Rauly, Lillie Anna and I stayed home to cook and prepare for Easter Sunday. I wish I could say that cooking with my girls was something I cherished, but honestly, I don't like it. I don't like it at all. But, I don't want to give my girls a complex, so I work really hard to keep a smile on my face, a pleasant tone of voice and to encourage them to not worry while they turn my kitchen upside down. Things like letting Rauly crack eggs in to the cupcake mix makes me inwardly cringe...and letting Lillie sprinkle cheese all over the Potatoes Au Grautin is fine until she starts sprinkling the cheese all over my freshly mopped tile floor. I'm a bit of a control freak and germaphobe. On top of that, I'm not a good to get a casserole to actually taste good requires a lot of focus on my part - something a 6 year old and 2 year old don't help with! lol!

Regardless, my team of chefs made a beautiful platter of Bunny Cupcakes, a delicious Pioneer Woman casserole and a yummy Strawberry Spinach Salad. I was proud of them...and proud of me for not allowing my controlling nature to keep us from making sweet memories. :-)

And if I'm admitting to not liking cooking with kids, I might as well go all the way and confess that I really really don't like decorating Easter eggs. It's not fun. It's not pretty. It's way too messy. And did I mention it isn't fun?! I have happy memories of doing this as a child though and am determined to let my kids have this tradition...they have no clue how much I detest this annual project and I intend to keep it that way. Although secretly I'm looking forward to the day when plastic eggs will suffice!

Sleeping in till 7:15am on Easter Sunday??!?!?! Really?!?! (sigh) I guess that's a sign that the older two kids are getting older and not quite as excited about their baskets...kinda sad, but I have to admit, the sleeping in part was pretty wonderful! :-) After tearing in to their gifts, we let them OD on sugar before getting them dressed for church and sending them off to Sunday school...I'm sure their teachers really appreciated us. ;-)

After church services at Argyle, we headed over to the Easons house for a wonderful feast and fellowship. It was a great afternoon filled with Water Balloon fights, Hot Potato, Basketball, a Bike ride and an Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks Dennis and Linda for having us over and for continuing the Easter Tradition at your home!
Shep going in to a sugar-induced coma!!!


I asked Chad to take some pictures...this was the only one he got. Funny...every time I hand him the camera, this is the view/angle he takes. ;-p

My three sweet chickadees...Happy Easter everyone!


Jamie said...

I love all the pics! And you are a fantastic momma for dying eggs! I've somehow managed to exempt myself from that tradition! :-)
Love you all.

Kristin said...

Loved all of the pictures of your beautiful family! Thank you for confessing that you dont like cooking with your kids...I feel exactly the same way you do and am glad that I'm not alone! Kinsey always wants to help so I put a smile on and let her but inwardly cringe at all the messes that are made and remind myself that it doesnt really matter : )

My Love Times Two said...

Love those kiddos! Great looking cupcakes too!

Michael and Hannah said...

You have great kiddos. :o)