Saturday, February 18, 2012


My mom (aka:"Gig" - pronounced jeej) has literally flown in to save the day this past week. My MIL, SIL, awesome-incredible-hunky-hubby, and amazing friends filled in all the gaps until she could get here...seriously, it seems as if it takes an army to do what I normally do each day and Chad and I will be forever grateful for the help our family has received so that I can fully recover. ***You know who you are to those of you who have helped so THANK YOU!!!***

That being said, my mom flew in last Tuesday and has taken over this ship. Between her and Chad, I'm not allowed to sneeze without permission! They've got me on strict bed rest and the only way I can get away with walking through the house is if I tiptoe around when nobody is here (yes, I'm tiptoeing...knowing them they've probably placed hidden cameras around to make sure doctors orders are being followed). I'm grateful, but will be glad when this bed rest lifts! I woke up feeling great today and batted my eyes as I asked Chad if I could just sit at the kids b-ball games this morning at the Y. I promised no cheering, screaming, or even moving. The man shut me down!!...he probably knew there was no way I could watch the kids games without breaking the above promises....I'm a slightly psycho competitive mom...confession is good for the soul. And so I'm bed! Lol!

Since Gigi (or rather, "Gig", as the kids have newly named her) arrived, Lils has been her side kick. They've read books, played dolls, cuddled, taken bike rides, walked Chase, and even begun working on potty training! Don't get me wrong, Shep and Rauly are stuck to her like Velcro as well, but since they're in school 5 days a week, Lils has gotten a lot of extra time, and I think they've both loved every moment.

So, thank you mom for taking off time from work and dropping everything to come run this ship - we love you and are so grateful! OH, and feel free to stay another month or so...I could get used to not doing laundry or dishes!!! ;-)

(Had to throw in the pic of Lillie hugging Chase...our poor dog gets strangled like this all day. He's literally smothered with love!)


My Love Times Two said...

I am so glad you have all those special people to help you out! Take it easy girl and enjoy it while you can!

Michael and Hannah said...

So glad they're taking such good care of you! Love the pic of LA on the potty!