Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We love the Wii!!!

Sorry. Was that too corny of a title? ;-) Well, it's true. And if you knew Chad and I, you would know that saying that is a HUGE confession. We fought purchasing the Wii (and many other electronic devices) for Y-E-A-R-S! Shepherd is our "veg" child...he'd sit on the couch and watch t.v. all day if we'd let him...he'd also sit and play the computer, or read, or play nintendo all day if we'd let him. He's our child who would cry (literally) if we make him go play in our backyard. Yes, the same back yard that we spent THOUSANDS of dollars on making it a kids haven. I'll admit to forcing him outside and locking the door to keep him out there....eventually he'll find himself having the time of his life, but it takes a good 10 minutes before he realizes he's not in a torture chamber! Sorry, got off track. Anywhoo, after several years of Shep thinking that every other family was way cooler than ours because we apparently lived in the stone age, Chad found a great deal on a Wii at a garage sale. I'd like to add too that he scooped it up without asking me (I would have said an emphatic NO if he'd asked!). Regardless, he set it up and it has changed things around here. The kids LOVE the sports games (as do Chad and I) and we find ourselves laughing hyserically as we play Tennis, Golf, and Baseball. Mario Cart and Mario Bro.'s has also become hits in our home! The other night, one of Chad's clients came to stay with us and he and Chad wound up playing Wii all. night. long! It was hysterical...those guys were actually SWEATING! And, I have to admit, Chad and I have found ourselves on the couch playing the Wii a few nights after putting the kids in's ridiculous, I know - but it's good family fun! :-)


Aunt Jenny said...

I want to come over and play the Wii!! We need a game night. :-)

My Love Times Two said...

I LOVE the expressions on their faces!!!

Gina Harmon said...

Looks like the computer/tv game actually has become physical and a way for the family to have fun. Whee...I mean Wii!! haha!