Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Chad and I left Arkansas seven years was a day filled with mixed emotion. Excitement over the future and what was to come...sadness over leaving so many people who I love. One of those people was my dad. He lives in Cabot,AR and works a very demanding job...I knew we wouldn't get to see him very often because of that. So, when I received a phone call last month from him and found out that he had purchased plane tickets to come see us, I was grateful!

He and his wife Judy were only able to stay for a couple of days, but it was a really nice trip. We visited the Zoo, and went to the Beach. They even got to see Shep practice Soccer with his team and got to meet a few of our close friends on the Soccer field. We ended the trip with dinner with Chad's family (dad hadn't seen them since Shep's birth in Searcy,AR!).

Yes, that is sweat all over me. Gross. Winter...puhleeeease come early this year!!

Let me introduce you to Judy.

Through Judy, I've continued to learn that God's promises are true...He says He can bring good out of ANY situation, and over the past several years, I have seen that first hand. I've left Judy's presence in tears of joy on more than one occasion. She's one of the most genuinely kind women I've ever known - and she humbles me. And her children (John, Bekah, Liz and Jim) are the salt of the earth...truly four of the sweetest individuals I have ever known. Divorce is never an easy thing, and I'm grateful that she and her children have helped ease some of the pain.

The pic of her below is classic Judy. She's always got her camera on her. Why? Because she wants my dad to have as many memories of his time with us as possible! She's incredibly thoughtful and giving and I'm blessed to know her.

The runt wanted to be with the rest of the group... :-)

Thanks again Dad and Judy for taking time out of your busy work schedule to come be a part of our world for a few days!


Jamie said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!! Miss you!

Michael and Hannah said...

You're a kind and loving stepdaughter... I can't think of a roll in your life where I'm sure you've not a complete blessing!