Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Barco Newton Marlins!

After a long, hot summer, the 2011 Championships brought an end to Swim Team. :-( Yes, that's right...a sad face, not a happy one! Shep and Rauly made friends this summer (as did I!) and we wound up having a wonderful experience, despite the dreaded early morning practices. Not only did I watch them grow daily as athletes, but I saw them grow in character as they learned to persevere and endure to the end.

Both kiddo's did good this summer! Shep especially improved and wound up finishing second in the Butterfly AND Backstroke...not just 2nd at our YMCA, but out of all the First Coast YMCA's (to give you an idea, I think there were 20 kids competing in the "8 and Under" Butterfly, and 22 competing in the Backstroke). His buddies (Jackson and Jake) are really strong swimmers and were awesome encouragers - I think Shep learned quite a bit about how to be competetive from them as they were both top finishers in each race. I tell you what...there's nothing sweeter than watching little 5,6,7 year old's cheering for their friends!

We're already looking forward to cheering on our friends children as well as our own next summer! Way to finish strong Barco Newton Marlins!

This is Shep's 25 Butterfly - he's in the lane between the two Timer's that are wearing straw hats. :-) He finished 1st in his Heat.

Rauly, Marlea and Courtney

8 and Under Boys 100 Freestyle Relay - they finished 1st, whoop whoop! Way to go Jake, T.J., Jackson and Shep!

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Gina Harmon said...

Way to go Shep and Rauly for doing so great on the swim team and swimming your little hearts out! So proud of you for giving it all you had and for always being good sports too. Great footage of you swimming the butterfly too. Wish Pap and I could have been there. Love and miss you guys!