Friday, April 29, 2011


I appreciate the YMCA for SO many reasons...but mainly, because they put God first.

This is our team praying before the game tonight. All the families join in and it's truly an awesome way to kick things off (pun intended!). I really can't say enough good things about the Y's athletic program...but that's not the focus of this post, so I'll move on. :-)

Shep's team this year was called "The Dirty Dogs". We got to play with some of our favorite girls - the Kneisley's, Anna and Brynn. This is them, duking it out.

Shep had a BLAST this year and was, ahem,...very enthusiastic from the sidelines!

But thankfully he was even more enthusiastic on the field. He had a very good season this year and we saw a lot of improvement! Most importantly though, he had fun and he burned a WHOLE lot of energy!! :-)

Speaking of energy...remember how I mentioned earlier this week that Shepherd's energy level is in a category of it's own? Well, I'll let the pictures I took tonight speak for themselves! (Keep in mind, he did NOT get any sugar today!)

But that's Shep, and I wouldn't have him any other way!


Jamie said...

These photos are downright hysterical!!!!!! LOL!!!
What a hilarious guy!

Michael and Hannah said...

Love Shep's face! Priceless!!! You are blessed with athletic kids. Me not so much. ha.