Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Chapel??? Wha??? How is that possible! As I walked in to Christ's Church this morning, I was bombarded by so many memories. Memories of Shep starting there over four years ago,...memories of chapels, Thanksgiving Feasts, and Easter Egg Hunts...memories of Staff Meetings, organizing Art Shows and greeting parents at the door...oh, I could go on and on. I have so many sweet, precious, tender memories from this preschool. And it hit me this morning that we're ONE month away from Rauly graduating and moving on to Kindergarden! I actually got teary-eyed! It just seems like we blink, and time flies. :-(

Today's chapel was centered around Christ's death and resurrection. And despite the fact that most of the moms were sad at the fact that their baby's are growing up and a new season is approaching swiftly, we couldn't help but join in the joy of what we were celebrating! There was a whole lot of praisin' going on - it was awesome! :-)

Maureen is a sweet friend, and is Sharing Tree's music teacher. I met her over four years ago - her closest friend was the first Director at Sharing Tree (the woman who hired me for the position when she moved away). Since then, we've both homeschooled our children and have participated in CBS together, and have begun having regular GNO's ("girls nights out"). Maureen is probably the MOST Community driven gal I've ever met - and she does it ALL for the right reasons. She's got a huge servant's heart and will do anything...ANYthing for you. I'm blessed to have her as a friend!
And as you can, Lillie Anna thinks she's pretty special too. :-)

Look at those sweet little hands and arms lifted up to the Heavens...not much sweeter than that.


Gina Harmon said...

Rauly and LA are dressed so cute. Such precious little girls, but sure growing up fast" the good thing is that Rauly is excited about going to Patterson where Shep is. That'll make your life a little easier too. Glad LA enjoyed chapel so much! Maureen does a good job.

Hicks Family said...

Ilove that picture of Rauly with her hands clasped! So sweet!

Michael and Hannah said...

Me too! I was gonna say the same thing about Rauly's sweet prayer poise. Precious!