Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sorry for the major sun spot right in the center of this photo...

Rauly finally grasped the idea that she cannot marry her daddy...she began asking Chad a LOT of questions about marriage yesterday morning while we were all cuddling in bed. And although we've told her a few times that she can't marry Chad, it finally clicked in her head and there was a sadness that came over her that just broke our hearts. She is SUCH a daddy's girl. She'd much rather be with Chad over me - she'd go to Home Depot/Lowes with Chad in a heart beat over going to the mall with her momma'! The conversation the three of us had got me thinking about the song "Butterfly Kisses". Time passes so quickly, and I know before long, Chad will be walking her down the aisle...wishing we could turn back time and return to the morning that Rauly was wishing she could marry her daddy.

I'm so incredibly thankful that I married a man that my daughter wants to marry...I'm so thankful that I married a man that our daughter thinks hangs the moon. Rauly trusts her daddy completely with her heart, (as do I), and it means so much to me just knowing that she has Chad to model what kind of man she should marry one day. It won't be easy to find someone who measures up, but I trust he's out there...let's hope he's a tough one too, cause' Rauly's going to need someone who can keep up with (and control occasionally) her spunk. ;-)

This is the garage that Chad has been working on for the past few weeks! It needs a few more full days of work, but it's nearly finished. I took "before/after" pics of the yard, but that will have to be another post. :-) (Notice it's RAULY assisting him, not Shep. This is typical - Shep is our book worm...he'd much prefer to stay inside and read or play the computer, then work outside with tools. Oh well, at least Chad has Rauly to enjoy those things with! haha!)

And on a different note, we have grass! Finally!


Jamie said...

All your projects (clubhouse, trampoline, grass and garage) have come off beautifully!
Love you guys!

Michael and Hannah said...

I love the way you love your husband. :o)

And that is one GORGEOUS backyard!