Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm the King of the world!!!!!!!!!!

That is what Shep was screaming at the top of his lungs today as he jumped from dirt pile, to dirt pile. Chad's garage that he's building in the back yard required several loads of dirt to be brought in (for the slab) and they aren't leveling it till tomorrow. So, this afternoon Shep was begging with his voice, and pleading with his eyes for us to let him go roll around in it. I must admit,...I almost said "no" because Molly Maid came yesterday - my house is pristinely clean! But, I remember the clay hills my mom used to take me and my brother was a magical place that we could get FILTHY on, and when I thought of that, I just couldn't say no. So, Shep and Rauly put on their old clothes and rolled around in the dirt for a while...jumping, leaping, sliding, was quite a sight to see! :-)

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Gina Harmon said...

Now that looks fun! They both look like they can't quite believe they're being allowed to do this! Priceless!