Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If only you could've heard the squeals of the kids as they leaped out of the van to run to the backyard! Shep and Rauly had already watched a video of us showing them their two BIG presents - their playground and trampoline, so when we got home from Callaway, they were ready to play with their new toys! The solid 48 hours that Chad, Rick and Randy put in to this backyard haven was well worth it - the kids have not stopped begging to play outside since we've come home. HALLELULIA!!!!!!!!!

I added this pic of Linda and Rauly from Sunday morning just because I love it! :-)

This thing is awesome! It has a clubhouse, a picnic table, sand box, monkey bars, rock wall, swings, a tower and a spotting scope...makes me wish I was a kid!

And I have to admit...I may have bounced on this as much as the kids. hehe!


Gina Harmon said...

I just bet they will enjoy their playground for a long time to come. Great exercise and a great thing to do outside with each other and their friends!

Michael and Hannah said...

I'm insanely jealous!!! We were going to give the kids a playground for Christmas 2 years ago but were SHOCKED at the prices when we started researching! We abandoned the project. You'll have to give me a recommendation if you got a good deal!