Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Lillie Anna!

Words are not enough to express the love we have for our little angel-baby. Her tenderness and sweet spirit has touched our family deeply. She has each member of our family wrapped around her heart...we simply love this baby girl and adore her maker! Thank you Lord for blessing our family with Lillie!


Anonymous said...

And a big AMEN to that! What a wonderful blessing God sent our way in Lillie Anna! Happy Birthday, baby girl....we love you so much! Memaw and Pepaw

Michael and Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Lillie Anna! I wrote a check this morning and asked someone the date and when they told me the first thing I thought of was Lillie Anna! It was the milk carton post... I'm a visual learner so now I have LA's birthday stamped in my brain!

Courtney said...

Cute pictures! Lillie Anna did a much better job than Aubrey did leaving the hat on!