Sunday, August 01, 2010

Flagler Beach
Saturday we were invited to join a friend (and customer) of Chad's down in Flagler Beach,FL. It was a really nice day spent with some really nice people! There were even a few children for our kids to play with. :-)

Here's a pic of the pier we walked on to...the ocean was the prettiest I've ever seen it. It was the most gorgeous blue/green and the kids had a blast surfing and splashing around with their new friend, Owen!

This is the house we stayed at that was SO nice! There were several acres for the kids to run and play on, and the house itself was huge, which gave all of us room to spread out.

Clinton and Chad had a nice time just kickin' back. These two are used to being knee deep in commercial furniture, so this was a nice break for them both! It was Clinton's birthday - the big 3-0! (Oh, and if you look real close, you'll see me in this pic...why is that us momma's never actually make it in to the pictures?!)

And they're off!!...the kids literally passed out as soon as we got in our van to drive home...they wore themselves out running and playing.

Luna...the most interesting breed of dog I've seen...labradoodle (lab/poodle mix). She was sooooo sweet and playful and the kids absolutely loved her!

Overall it was a really great time and we were glad to make some new friends! And the pics below are just a few of the kids before church this morning - my mom bought the girls dresses, so these are for you mom! :-)


Michael and Hannah said...

I am in love with LA's outfit and bow!! She is the best dressed tot in town!

Gina Harmon said...

Love the pics on all your posts and all their learning experiences. You're teaching them so much and in a way that they seem to be enjoying! Good Momma and teacher!