Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you see the sparkle in her eye? The genuine joy that is radiating off of her face? Rauly has blown me away over the past few weeks. With Chad gone more frequently, I have been given the very special opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with her (she usually vies for her daddy's attention and favors him over me!). We've had many tender, open-hearted conversations at night before falling asleep and I've been touched by her sweet spirit. She can so easily be viewed as "fiesty" or "challenging" with her strong will, but when you're one-on-one, she is incredibly vulnerable and endearing.

Her love for her sister is apparent throughout the day as she is always quick to fetch a bottle or a bib, or crawl on the floor to entertain her. The sweetest thing has begun to occur...Lillie Anna seems to think that Rauly hangs the moon! She reaches up fairly regularely now for Rauly to pick her up and cuddle...and Rauly appeases her with a sweet smile. Shep is always good for a laugh, but Rauly has become her cuddle-bug. :-)

Rauly has been blessed to see Granny more frequently this summer and has made several trips to visit. Granny has been the recipient of songs, gentle hugs, loudly spoken stories (as Rauly has learned that she has to holler for Granny to hear her - lol!), and most of all, Granny has been the recipient of very real love. I'm so thankful that we live so close to Rauly's name-sake...it's a real blessing for her to grow to know and love her great-grandmother!

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