Saturday, July 10, 2010

After four plane rides, and lots and lots of driving in between, I'm back home from Arkansas. My step-dad, Mike, was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing Chemo, so I decided this would be a good time for some of the best medicine a person could get....LILLIE ANNA! The two of us flew in on Sunday, July 4th and returned this morning. The majority of our time was spent with mom and Mike since we were only there for a few days - we laughed so hard I cried multiple times a day...the kind of laughter that makes your belly muscles ache. It was good medicine for me too. :-)

Tuesday was spent with my dad and Judy in Cabot. They were so excited to see Lillie Anna and as you can see, the feeling was mutual. :-)

On Wednesday we went to Searcy,AR to visit Harding University. It was really nice to be back on heart just slows down when I drive in to this little town. My mind wanders back to all the precious memories of time with friends, the days when Chad and I were getting to know one another, newly married years and when Shepherd was born. A lot happened in the 6 years that we lived there!

This is a pic of the first dorm I lived in (Sears dorm)'s being renovated - such a shame they waited 10 years after I was there. ;-)

On Thursday I got together with one of my roomies from college - Amy Bell! Amy is such a special girl...we had so much fun as roommates...planning our weddings, giggling about "family planning" and in many ways, growing up together. I'm so thankful I was able to see her while she was still pregnant with Baby Bell #3!!!! You can view her blog here.

And on Friday, Mrs. Linda came and visited! If you haven't met this lady, you're missing out - she's a hoot! She calls herself my "spiritual grandmother" as she is the one who introduced my mom to the Lord. I'm eternally grateful for the impact Mrs. Linda has had on our family...not only is she a tremendous outreach for God, she is THE most endearing and hilarious lady I've yet to meet! I so wish my Fleming Island friends could have an opportunity to know her!

OH - I also cut 8 inches off my case you couldn't tell. ;-)


One Mom said...

Sounds like a fun time...and LOVE your hair!

Jamie said...

Welcome home!!! Your hair looks AWESOME!