Thursday, June 17, 2010

They play together, eat together, fight together...and in true "musketeer fasion", they get sick together. :(

When you see THIS boy without a silly expression, you know he isn't feeling well! In true "Shep style", he's been hit the hardest by this virus.

Rauly-girl was the first to go down on Monday...then was much improved Tuesday night. SO, I sent her to the beach today with her friend Avery. And guess what she said as soon as I picked her up this afternoon??...her head hurt. Ugh. Sure enough, the fever had returned. Poor thing!

And sweet Lillie Anna came down with it yesterday...high fever, vomiting, and...well, I'll just stop there.

Sitting up is too much work!

Ok, time to put the camera down...she crawled across the room to put her head on my lap.

OH WAIT! Almost forgot to document that Lillie got her first tooth this week! 9.5 months old and she got her very first chomper - whoo-hoo! :)


Gina Harmon said...

Now these pics make you feel so bad for them! And to think they can get it again! Poor Rauly. And Shep...that miserable feeling; and then Lillie Anna looking so miserable and crawling over to you with a grand finale of laying her sweet head in your lap! I don't know if I can take anymore! Gotta go watch Planet 51 with Mike. We're doing it in honor of the kids. Rented it at Redbox tonight! Love you!

Jamie said...

So sorry y'all are sick!!! What sad pictures!!! Get well soon!!