Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creative Criticism

A friend of mine brought us dinner last week unexpectedly...a heaping bowl of delicious spaghetti and a homemade chocolate cake w/ homemade caramel sauce to drizzle on top. What a sweet and yummy surprise! Since I already had a weeks worth of meals prepared, I decided to save it for tonight's dinner.

I should say before I go any further that Shepherd and Rauly have been learning table manners...Shepherd may eat like Cookie Monster
, but you won't find his elbows on the table or him talking with food in his mouth! lol!

One of the rules is that you "eat what is placed in front of you without complaining". Having said that, I knew before I gave them this meal that Shepherd would have issues with it! He doesn't like spaghetti, much less spaghetti with peppers and ground beef in it (crazy kid!). But, I also knew that he wouldn't break our rule of "eat what is placed before you without complaining". So, after a few minutes of pleasantly picking at his food with his fork, he says "Momma', thank you for dinner tonight. Next time you make us spaghetti, will you not put the green things in it?" (referring to the peppers) To which I responded with a smile "Hon, I didn't make this...Mrs. Alison brought this over for us! Wasn't that nice of her?". He sat there and nodded yes and after a moment of thinking, he said "Momma'? Will you please tell Mrs. Alison that we don't need her help with any more meals?!"

LOL! That's a creative way to complain...without complaining! :) Needless to say, Mrs. Alison's cooking skills were redeemed when he tasted the chocolate cake!


Gina Harmon said...

That Shep! He is so very good about following the rules. I love that you have this documented so some day he can enjoy just how funny and creative he was at 6 years old!

Michael and Hannah said...

I'm so behind on blogs! Really enjoyed getting caught up with the Eason clan. It was a good, entertaining read... just what I needed tonight!

Jamie said...

That's hilarious! What a little diplomat!!! I love that boy!

Morgan Holt said...

HA! Love this! What a wonderful way of phrasing it! :) My girls would have fussed about it until I told them they could get down without eating a bite! Way to go Momma...something is sticking for sure!

One Mom said...

That is so sweet! We need to work on those kinds of things around here, for sure.