Thursday, June 03, 2010

9 mo. Check-up!

Oh, this little girl is most definitely our THIRD child. I wrote nothing down today so am going to have to go solely on memory. In my defense, I had all three kids and Shep was in a "soft cast" (yes, the boy broke another bone...), so I was having to make sure he didn't bump his arm on anything in the teeny-tiny room we were in which was filled with sharp corners and counters. It's amazing how many things a clumsy, lanky, energtic 6 year old can hurt himself on! Needless to say I will be very relieved when he has a hard plaster cast on!

Aaaanyways, back to my third and very poorly documented child. (btw: as you can see in the picture below with Lillie's great-granny, what we lack in documentation, we make up for in LOVE - this girl is absolutely adored by her family!!!)

Lillie weighed 19 lbs 3oz which places her at the 50%. She was __ in. long....yep, I'm clueless...although the doctor told me she was in the 75% for height. So, she's most likely going to be tall...shocker. (No sarcasm there, at. all.) And her head was __ around....yep, clueless there too. BUT, he did say that she was in the "genius" range - so me thinks she must have a big noggin'. ;)

She's doing everything ahead of schedule (crawling, talking, eating, ect) with the exception of her teeth. She is TOOTHLESS...but her gummy smile is downright enchanting! Seriously, she couldn't be cuter right now and I'm lovin' this stage - she is so much fun to be around! Oh, and when I say she's eating ahead of schedule, I mean I finally figured out why she was refusing was because the girl wanted to feed herself! If I come at her with a spoon, she'll gag...she'll even throw-up!! But, if I sit chicken, macaroni, beef, ect in front of her, she'll feed herself and gobble it up! Incredible...and incredibly EASY for me. Yay!!!

So, I may not have written down anything during her visit which could make me look like a negligent momma', but as the doctor was walking out of the room, he turned and said "You're doing an incredible job with your children. The older two have been extremely well behaved - they're all beautiful, obedient and interacting great together. Good job mom!". THAT I remember....I mean really, what mom wouldn't????


Gina Harmon said...

What an adorable, sweet natured, and absolutely beautiful child! And to think that she ranked "genius" in head size - tell me why I'm not surprised! Oooooh, how I wish I could reach thru this screen and hung her to pieces. Omg, she's charming too! I'm just sick that I won't be able to come in the next 2-3 weeks as I was planning.

Her doctor sounds like a man after my own heart. Gigi was so proud to hear that about her daughter and grandchildren b/c I know it to be true. Absarootry! Yes, I spelled that right! Glad Shep's getting a hard cast. That should be a relief for his protection for sure!

Gina Harmon said...

So sorry, I don't want to "hung her", but I do want to "HUG" her! ;)

Courtney said...

I'm glad she's doing good. Aubrey is toothess, too.

Jamie said...

This post is too funny!!!
And I agree with her dr (not about her noggin, tho I have no doubt she's a genius like her sibs). I agree that you are doing an amazing job with your kids. They are awesome. And that's a testament to some great parenting skills, lots of prayer and some serious grit and endurance to travel the narrow road.
So glad she's healthy, even if we aren't sure exactly what her stats were!!!