Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, I've officially "arrived" as a mother of three. I received not just one, but....(drumroll please)...TWO home-made Pot Holders yesterday. And guys (or rather, gals), I could not be more proud of these gorgeous creations. Seriously, I will be using them every day...multiple times a day and will most likely need two more next year since I imagine these two will be so worn. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be given a gift that the children had put thought, and time and concentration and most importantly, LOVE into!

Thanks to my wonderful and thoughtful Mother-in-Law for taking the time to teach the kids (and assist Rauly!) in how to make my gifts of love. :) And I can't end this post without saying how much I love, respect and am thankful for both my mom and Chad's mom.....they have blessed my family by being women who strive to know the Lord and love the Lord more every day....well, they've blessed my family in more ways than I can count or name. Mom and Linda, we love you!


Linda said...

Lindsey, what a sweet post! I am greatly blessed to have you as the mother of my grandchildren and I thank you, Gina for raising such a wonderful daughter!

Michael and Hannah said...

Wow, TWO handmade potholders you say?? You've entered the big time now! Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mommy!

Gina Harmon said...

I just read this post and that was so sweet - both what you said Lindsey and what Linda said. I'm thankful for you Linda for helping Rauly and Shep prepare something extra special for their Mom and for babysitting on a regular basis to give them a break. I always planned to keep the kids on Friday nights so they would have a date night (something I never had, but wanted) - until they up and moved! :( But I'm so thankful that you and Dennis and Jenny have that covered. Lindsey is a special creation of God and has always had a sweet spirit. She's always been of good cheer, thankful and full of joy and energy and eager to help. You're a great Mom Lindsey!