Sunday, May 23, 2010

Add a pony tail (and quite a bit of meat to those stick arms and legs) and this picture might resemble me! A few weeks I learned that the YMCA allows you to drop your children off in the childcare area and that you can actually jog outside (rather than on the boring treadmill!). SO, I've done that two days a week for the past several weeks. A friend of mine from church recently ran a full marathon (crazy girl!) and has talked me in to running a 5K with her on Memorial Day! She may have to drag me across the finish line, but I'm determined to run the whole thing. :) We've also committed to doing a weight lifting class two days a week and I have to say, THIS class is AWESOME!! I've attended twice a week for four weeks now and can already tell I'm getting stronger...I had forgotten how much fun it is to sweat and how much I really do enjoy exercising. So, thanks Jennifer for motivating me to get back in the gym! I just may regain my lost energy and be able to keep up with my three kids after all!!!


Michael and Hannah said...

I wish my Y would let you do that!!! It's right down the road from a huge lake with a gorgeous paved walking/running trail around it, but you are not permitted to leave the building when dropping kids at our Y. :o(

Gina Harmon said...

Run Lindsey Run! How exciting that the Y keeps the kids while you run outside. Now that is what I call great service and good for you!