Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Hey, Hey! We're the Monkeys!"

So, last week after practice, the coach asked all of the players what they would like to be called. One four year old piped in "PANDA'S!", another four year old piped in "MONKEY'S!" and yet another kid piped in "DORA!". At this point, Shepherd's eye brows were raised and his hands were up in the air as if to try and put a silence to the nonsense that was coming out of their mouths - lol! Due to the sudden chaos of silly team names being hollered out, the coach told all the kids who wanted to be called "Monkeys" to run to the other side of the field, and instantly, 90% of the team started running! (I think all they heard was the word -run- though b/c they all looked totally clueless - haha!) Anyways, Shepherd stood there shaking his head, dumbfounded that his soccer team was now called "Monkeys". Poor kid...all the way home, Chad was assuring him that monkeys are in fact very aggressive and dangerous! :)

So, Team Monkey had their first game last night - and we won! Yay! What made it even more exciting was that Shepherd scored the winning goal! Chad and I were so into the moment that we didn't get it on video OR camera - but I honestly am glad for was so fun to throw our hands up in the air and cheer without having to hold a camera or a video still. After he scored the goal, his coach (Coach Kyle) ran over, grabbed and threw him up in the air - he then proceeded to run across the field with him up in the air over his head. The image of Shepherd literally BEAMING brought tears to my eyes - he had worked hard for that and I was so proud of him. He's a sweet sweet boy and unspoiled and to see him being patted on the back for something he'd truly worked for - well, it was awesome! Overall the game was a lot of fun...filled with silly moments and even some exciting moments - can't wait for the next one!

Coach Kyle and Coach Patrick talking to the Monkeys before their game. :)

Rauly about to defend the goal!

Cheering on his team from the sidelines!

Takin' a rest...
Sidekicks! I'm so thankful they were able to embark on this together. It's made the experience so much better for both of them. (And might I add, easier on Chad and I...only one set of practices each week...only one game to attend.)

About .5 seconds before she conked out on my shoulder. All that cheerin' must've worn her out! ;)


Michael and Hannah said...

Ha! Guess they decided to call a monkey a monkey and be done with it! ;o)

Jamie said...

You look like a supermodel in that last picture, fyi.

And I love the story of Shep wanting to squelch the foolishness!! haha That is too funny!

I love the picture of Shep smiling from the bench---he is so extremely handsome. But my first thought was, HOLY COW---he looks 14 here!