Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I shared a story with a friend of mine recently and she said I absolutely had to put this on my the very least for my friends to laugh, and at the very never forget this bizarre event. :) So, for your viewing pleasure, and for my's the roach story.

Several Sunday's ago, we drove up to our house after having had a wonderful morning praising God. We opened the garage, and as always, Shep was the first to bound out of the van and race in to our kitchen...hollering over his shoulder "What's for lunch, momma'?". Chad and I were busy getting the diaper bag, the bible, my purse, the baby and the car-seat, plus assisting Rauly out of the back of the van with her dress...when all of a sudden, we hear a high pitched, blood curdling scream. What tha??? To be honest, we no longer freak out when Shepherd screams (unless it's pitch black and we hear a splash in the distance)...we've learned he's a wee bit melo-dramatic, and after years of running to the rescue only to find he saw an ant...well, I guess you could just say the kids "cried wolf" one too many times. Anyways...he's screaming in the kitchen, and we're juggling bags, books and babies (ha) as we shuffle our way through the garage and in to the kitchen...Chad and I made eye contact with our eye-brows raised and smirks on our faces wondering silently what "disaster" Shep could have come across this time. When we entered the kitchen, I had to hide my laughter b/c Shep was at this point no longer just screaming, he was in hysterics...spinning in circles saying there was a "bug". I turned to shut the garage door, drop the bags I was holding and roll my eyes. But when I turned around to tell him he needed to "lower the volume please!", I saw something flying in the air...circling Shepherd. The faster he spun, the faster this bug flew around him. And Shep's eyes were about to bulge out of his HEAD! I started to move towards him to figure out what in the world was going on, when he stops...and the bug stops...and I realize the thing is friggin' HUGE and it's a ROACH. Oooomiword! Now I'M flippin' out trying to rescue my son from the killer cock roach that seems intent upon eating his flesh! When Shepherd saw the fear in my eyes, his level of anxiety went up about 10 notches (which I honestly didn't know was humanly possible), and the spinning began AGAIN. So, here's Shep screaming and turning circles looking over his shoulder to see if the roach is gone yet (which it wasn't)...he looked very much like a dog chasing his own tail. And at this point, I made the ultimate sacrifice...I lunged towards him and began swatting at the roach, which the roach didn't like, so than it came after ME! (And if you're wondering where Chad and Rauly were, they were in the corner of the kitchen laughing at us the whole time!!!) I somehow managed to pull Shepherd outside in to our driveway where we both are screaming at the top of our lungs when all of a sudden, I realize there's a STRING wrapped around Shepherd...which is attached to the roach. And when the light bulb hit me that it's a TOY COCK ROACH, I was literally in stitches from laughing so know...the kind of laughter when NO sound comes out! ha! I had to unwind Shep's entire body as he'd completely wrapped himself up in this thing. Our neighbors were outside just staring at us...not from just one house...three house. How embarrassing!

What happened to the toy roach?? went in the trash can. Hopefully never to be seen again.


Linda said...

I remember seeing that toy roach....yes, indeed it was very realistic. I'm glad it has found a new home in the trash can!

Jamie said...

Such a great moment in Eason family history! Glad you put it in the chronicles!

Hicks Family said...

Did he know it was fake? I would have loved to see that too!
And Lillie Anna is so precious, I can't wait to hold that sweet baby!

Gina Harmon said...

Oh my goodness! That was one of the funniest stories I've ever read - visualizing it as it happened and being horrified (the way you told it) and thinking Chad was mean to be laughing instead of rescuing you both...then I reacted the same way when you finally told us it was a toy! I've never heard of a toy cockroach, but I'm glad you threw it away! Did Shep laugh too when he found out and after he calmed down?! Annnnnnddddd...most importantly, who got the roach???