Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At four months old, Lillie Anna weighs 15 pounds and "who knooows how many inches long???". (I say THAT, b/c I origonally wrote that she was 16, which my dear friend Jamie whose brain is equally as sleep deprived as mine pointed out that there's no way she could be 16 inches long!, hmmm...yup, I have NO clue how long she is!) She was in the 97% for height and 90th% for weight. The doc said her dimple was still closed and looked fine (sigh of relief) and that overall she looked perfect. :)

She's rolling over and SCOOTING...yes, she's actually begun moving. (oh, and did I mention that the doc said that based on her strength, she looked more like a 6 month old?)

I've attempted rice cereal a few times, but she's soooooo not ready. Not only did she grimace each time I stuck the yucky glob in her mouth, but she impulsivly spit it right back out. Oh well, I'll try again another time, and till then, I'll have to be ok with her wanting to nurse all. night. long.


The Dawkins said...

she is so cute!!

Jamie said...

I'm guessing she is 26 in, not 16? ;0).
You are blessed indeed. What a perfectly amazing little girl she is!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Jamie, I'm laughing right now...her HEAD was 16. Will I ever find my brain again???

Hicks Family said...

No, you probably wont ever have the brain you had before 3 children...those brain cells are gone! I only know because mine are too. :)
She is so pretty. I really want to come see you guys and hold that sweet little bundle! She is looking so different. I could see a lot of Rauly when I first looked at the picture. we love you guys!

Jamie said...

Yes, we all know that since she's an Eason, she was probably 16 inches long when you were 3 months pregnant!!!

Michael and Hannah said...

I can't believe she's growing so fast!