Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr. Sandman....bring me a dream...

I know...don't we all wish we could sleep like THIS?!?! Well...almost like this...Rauly has completely forgotten how to get up in the middle of the night to go potty. On this particular night, I walked in to cover her up with her comforter and just happened to see a very large wet spot on her sheets! I've tried just about everything (except for the "pee alarm"). Any suggestions from all you seasoned mommies?!?!

While she may have digressed at night with potty training, she grew up so much the day she became a big sister! My heart swells when I see how tender and sweet she is with Lillie Anna. I've never seen a more doting and loving "little momma'". Often throughout the day, she will gaze at her little sister and whisper to me "mommy...she is soooooo cute"! When Lillie Anna cries, she immediately tries to find the cause of her sister's discomfort by locating her pacifier and placing it in her mouth, checking her diaper and if neither of those things satisfy Lillie Anna, she will quickly notify me that "Lillie needs to nurse!". :) I'm very proud of the protective and tender-hearted little girl she is growing up to be!


Gina Harmon said...

Gosh, Rauly has become so photogenic and cooperative for photo ops! She's so cute herself and looks so happy with Lillie Anna. And oh my goodness - Miss Lillie's eyes are actually open! :) She's got the best disposition and cutest personality. I got to hold Isaac Smith - Rachael's baby - and he's a doll too. He seems very laid back as well! Caleb seems to be adjusting well to his new brother.

I'm surprised Rauly's having a problem with the potty training since she did so well for so many months when she started it last year. Maybe she's just too tired. I know that's no help.

Mike and I went to Dawn and Dick Behnke's for supper and cards tonight and she said one of your friends from Harding lives next door to them. Small world! :)

Jamie said...

You are so blessed! What a beautiful, wonderful set of kiddos you have!
As for potty-training at bedtime, YOU were the one who taught ME how to do that, so I have no help for ya!