Monday, August 10, 2009

Alright - these pics are for my mom and Melis. I'm no longer able to put on my own tennis shoes, I officially have a "sway back", and I hear the song "Hear we come a waddling" (from Claymation Christmas) in my head everywhere I go...I personally think I look like a duck. Getting out of bed is nearly impossible - something I NEVER experienced with the previous two pregnancies. I literally moan and groan each time I have to get out of a laying down position b/c my muscles in my legs are soooo sore that it HURTS to stand up and waddle to the bathroom. I have to laugh at myself...I told Chad today that my eyes look chinese and I officially have a moonpie face! He (being the good husband that he is) denied it...but he laughed all the same! :)

Surprise Getaway...

About a week ago, Chad told me that we would be "getting away" (just the two of us) for a few days and that his parents would be keeping the kids. With everything we've got going on in preparation for the baby, adjusting to homeschooling and home renovations, I was a little concerned about the timing...BUT...decided to just let it all go and have fun with it. SO, early Saturday morning, the kids left with Meemaw and Peepaw (thanks again Dennis and Linda!) and Chad and I headed out to the World Golf Village.

What did we do with our time together?
**Saw G.I.Joe
**Went to the Outlet Malls to get Rauly back-to-school clothes
**Ate at Outback Steakhouse (yum!)
**Slept in the next day
**Spent a lazy morning by the pool
**Visited and laughed uninterrupted for a FULL day...hallelulia!
**Watched whatever we wanted (except for the news - that was our only rule) on cable t.v....we haven't watched that in about a year!
**Took two fact, we didn't even leave the hotel on Sunday - and we are soooo glad that we didn't force ourselves to. It was exactly what we needed - to do NOTHING!
**Slept in again

It was probably the laziest most wonderful vacation we've had in years and I think I'll remember it for a long time. I was so touched that Chad planned this on his own and he knew we really needed some "down-time" where we could do nothing and not feel guilty about it. We decided that until things slow down for our family, we need to make a point of getting a hotel every 2-3 months and doing NOTHING for a full 24 hours. I would highly recommend it for all of you out there that are in a similar phase of life! :)

Now I'm unpacking and getting ready for my dear friends "celebration dinner" tonight at Carraba's. Can't wait to shower your baby with love, Jamie!!


Morgan Holt said...

Sounds so relaxing and SO NEEDED! Whew....Dean has already mentioned how badly we need that as well! Glad you enjoyed your time together. Now, time to have a baby! :) Take care!

Candace said...

WOW! You look great! And you have such a sweet husband! Relaxing sounds great right now!

Hicks Family said...

You look great regardless of what you think! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Michael and Hannah said...

You are one sexy momma! You look amazing!

Jamie said...

You are sooooo not a moonpie face! You look stinkin' gorgeous!

Melody said...

You look HOT girl! sizzle, sizzle HOT!!

Sara said...

You look great, Lindsey!