Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14th
On Friday, Shepherd and Rauly had a "Back to School" party with the Graston Family. We were celebrating our new 1st grader (Luke), our new kindergartner (Shepherd), Our new Preschooler (Jacob), and our new three year old programer (Rauly)! Joshua (the two year old) got to tag along and feel like a big boy that morning...that little guy is sooo cute! :)They played hard at the Green Cove Springs playground for about an hour, then chowed down on a lunch we had packed. After lunch, each child got their hands dirty playing in fabric paint as they made handprints on their new t-shirts. :) They LOVED this! And to end the day, all the children enjoyed 2 cupcakes - yum! It was a great way to kick-off the school year (which technically began two weeks ago), but HEY - better late than never! Jamie and I patted ourselves on the back for organizing it and pulling it off despite being due to deliver our babies in less than a month and despite the sweltering heat!!

The squirrels were brave enough to actually lift the foil and pull the cupcakes out of the dish - our camera's weren't close enough the first time so we didn't get a picture of them actually eating was hysterical!

Now THAT was a good cupcake!! :)

Standing proudly in front of their Squirrel house that they made out of sticks...

Saturday August 15th
Saturday morning was my second and final baby shower for Lillie Anna. Joy and Melody were the hostesses and it was a lovely morning! The food prepared was not only beautiful, but delicious. My closest friends and family (minus my mom) were in attendance which made it so special! My friend Melissa drove in the day before to spend the night and visit - it was so good to be with her, Kayden and Brecken, and I enjoyed introducing them to my Fleming Island friends! Jamie acted as the photographer that morning (thanks again Jamie!), so I was able to just sit back and enjoy. :) I didn't get a single picture all weekend of Melissa and the girls, nor did I get any pics of everyone else who attended the shower, but just imagine lots of beautiful, Godly women who are a blast! ;)

Chad took my breath away! He sent a surprise gift to the shower with Melissa and when I opened it, this is what I found. A "Mother/Daughter" Diamond necklace brought tears to my eyes! The three diamonds represent our three children. He hadn't told anyone (including the hostesses) that he was sending a gift, so everyone was extremely touched...isn't my hubby a sweetie?!?!

Linda and Jenny (MIL/SIL)

The hostesses (Joy and Melody) along with "the photographer :)" (Jamie)

Joshua (Jamie's youngest son) representin' the boys!

I left that morning feeling spoiled rotten! This baby girl has received so much love already...I've been so touched all throughout this pregnancy at the way our church, friends and community have reached out to bless our lives in some way! I feel blessed and am so grateful for everyone looking out for and taking care of us! Now that all the gifts are put away, I feel ready...ok, ready as I'll ever be. Not sure quite how to prepare for the sleepless nights, but other than that...I think we're good to go. :)


Hicks Family said...

I had so much fun, and it was so good to meet everyone. Can't wait for that sweet girl to get here! Probably not as ready as you, but still excited!

Jamie said...

Really fun morning!!! So glad I got to be there!!!

Linda said...

It was such a nice gathering! Thanks to all the ladies for the wonderful hospitality, food and fellowship in honor of the impending arrival of my little granddaughter, Lillie Anna!

Gina Harmon said...

Sure hated that I had to miss yet another special event, but so thankful that you have inlaws so close, such great friends and support, and such a great hubby! The gift from Chad was so sweet and thoughtful, romantic and I love that he "wowed" you!

The shower food and gifts were awesome! I can't wait to meet your friends that I missed on the last visit. Glad Melissa and the girls got to come.

Thanks for all the pics - it's the next best thing to being there!

With all of your play dates, get togethers, showers, etc., Lillie Anna is probably going to come out ready to paaarrrrrtttttyyyyy! :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Did you get a new camera?? These pics are gorgeous! The baby shower looked absolutely perfect. I'm amazed that you got not only one but TWO showers for a 3rd baby! We 3rd children usually get the shaft. You are clearly so loved and cherished by many! And way to go, Chad!! MAJOR brownie points, buddy!

Candace said...

OK, so Chad needs to start some seminars or something on how to love/treat wives! He impresses me with his thoughtfulness and his love for you and your family. You look great! Can't wait to see pics of that seet baby girl!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Hannah - aren't the pics great?! My friend Jamie took these pictures with her camera and sent them to me. :)