Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun week (conclusion)

It's been a good week! We've spent time with old friends, seen wild animals at the zoo, had play-dates at the mall, played endless games of Monopoly and Sorry!, and tonight - we're concluding our Fun Week with a trip to the Theater to see Ice Age III! I'm a little nervous to see this week end, because I know that means that on Monday, we're beginning our very first day of Kindergarten. I'm very prepared and ready, and Shepherd is super-excited to get started with his Kindergarten year...I'm just anxious to see what our days and weeks are going to look like this year. :)

As for Lillie Anna, we've got the car-seat in the van, my bag is packed, and all I'm waiting for is my baby shower on August 15th. I've been told by my hostesses that I'm not allowed to have this baby until August 16th! This is such an exciting time...each contraction helps me to realize that this is REAL! (ok, the weight gain, aches and pains also help me to realize that it's real - haha! I couldn't be more ready to have my body back so I can have my figure and my energy again!) There was so much excitement wrapped around the previous deliveries...with Shep, my contractions began around 9:30pm 2 days after my due date...with Rauly, my water broke (actually, tore) while in the car 6 days before my due date. It's so fun to see how each child comes in to the world - it's an amazing process! I can't wait to get started! :)


Michael and Hannah said...

I am SO ready to meet this baby girl! Baby shower's can wait... bring on the sweet baby preciousness!!!

Lane said...

Hope he has an awesome first day of school today!!