Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big wheels keep on turnin'....

I wish I could take a remote and just press pause on life! I feel as if I need a full week to just sit and soak in my children, my husband, my God. Unfortunately, life doesn't stand still for you! Chad and I are both one year older this week (He's 29 and I'm 28) of this past Sunday, we've been married 7 years (as Chad clarified...7 sweet, beautiful and glorious years! haha!). And although this year has been a blur to me due to my busy work schedule, constant home renovations and the pregnancy...I know for a fact that life has happened. I have a son graduating from pre-k, an expanding belly due to a baby that's grown tremendously, and a home that's beginning to look like our vision to prove that time has in fact marched on.

My brain isn't working these days...I'm forgetting birthdays, anniversarys...sadly, my own!, and overall, I just feel like my memory is failing me (oh the joys of pregnancy!). So, for MY sake and to prove in the future that this past week did in fact happen, I'm going to post some pics and a little time line so that I won't forget some of the special things that have taken place. :)

Friday, May 1st
I turned 28! My staff and hubby planned a surprise baby shower for me at the Fleming Island Park and invited all the parents from our preschool. I can't express how touched I was! That evening, Chad and I went to Maggiano's with Michael and Jamie Graston, and Brian and Joy Howard - it was such a nice evening of visiting with dear friends.
Monday, May 4th-7th
Planned and prepared for the first Annual Sharing Tree Preschool Art Showcase! This was a long week of work work work - but was soooooo worth it in the end!
Friday, May 8th
Chad pulled Shep out of school early on this day to take him to the TPC (The Players Championship tournament at Sawgrass). They got to meet Tiger Woods and see many other famous golfers...they had an amazing time!

The Graston's let us borrow their jeep this past weekend - our family had so much fun! Thanks Michael and Jamie!!

The evening of the Art Showcase. 70 of the 80 families which are in our VPK and 3 year old program came with their extended relatives, so there was around 200 adults and children. It was a fundraiser and a good one at that! The Art work looked fabulous and I was so stinkin' proud (both of Shep's work AND of the school)!
Shep standing in front of his "self-portrait".

Shep with his classmate, Thomas.

Shep with his two good friends, Jackson and Thomas - they're helping each other find their art work.

"Still Art"...Shep's is the top left. I love how he painted sunflowers coming out of the entire vase. :)

Saturday, May 9th

First trip to the beach as a family. We took the jeep and had so much fun feeling the wind in our faces!
Rauly-Marie...feeling MUCH better and fully enjoying her 1st trip to the beach this year!

Building their first sand castle for this year!

Sunday, May 10th
Celebrated mine and Chad's 7 year anniversary with a quick kiss and hustle and bustle to get the kids ready and out the door. Spent the morning in Palatka with Chad's granny, parents and sister. It was a really nice visit!

Enjoyed dinner with his family at our home.


Gina Harmon said...

Wow! You guys are always so busy, I'm glad you've got your blog to kind of keep a journal of all the events taking place. Love the pics of the kids, artwork (amazing talent!), beach, etc. Glad the art show fund raiser went so well! That's neat that Chad and Shep got to go to the golf tournament (we watched some of it on tv while in Shreveport) - and to go in a jeep with the top off - that had to be really special to Shepherd. Looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks! It's been waaaayyyy too long! The kids are beautiful and I miss them and you guys so much! Wish you could have been here when Jacob was here! He looks so good! I bet you're lookin' cute, too! See ya soon!

Jamie said...

I love all the pictures! The art showcase is very impressive.
And I LOVE the beach pics! Looks like so much fun!
Happy 7th anniversary!
love you!

Michael and Hannah said...

Good grief, y'all stay busy!! Happy Birthday!!!! You're so YOUNG!