Sunday, January 04, 2009

I can't believe that Christmas break has come and gone! It's bittersweet! Chad and I have thoroughly (and I do mean thoroughly) enjoyed our break - we've had a mini-vaca, we've relaxed at home, we've completed tons of home projects, we've made time for family and friends, and it has just been wonderful! But, I've missed my staff and students and am ready to make the absolute most of every day I'm given. The kids have been asking for school every single day (which is just one small sign that Sharing Tree is fabulous!). SO - I hope you all enjoyed your breaks as well and I hope getting back in to the swing of things isn't too difficult! All I can think is that before we know it, summer will be here...time is going so fast these days!


Melody said...

Ella has been asking me everyday since the start of break if she can go back to school yet. This is a HUGE step for Ella......Sharing Tree is awesome and the staff is amazing.

See you soon!

Kim said...

Hi Lindsey!! I know, taking Noah back to school today was hard on me but he loved it:) And I did too once I remembered what it is like to have a quiet home - ha.

I wanted to let you know, since you asked, that I use a Canon 5D. I plan to do a little FAQ about my camera on the blog today or tomorrow because I've been getting a lot of questions. It should be more thorough and helpful.

Hope your first day back was blessed.


Jamie said...

Just FYI, I still frequent your blog but it's usually in my fuzzed-out brain moments so I have nothing interesting or noteworthy to add in the comments. Nevertheless I thought I'd say hi anyway, and that I LOVE the whole Eason bunch!!!