Sunday, December 07, 2008

We spent the afternoon with the Eason clan over at Green Cove Springs park - the weather was beautiful and we got a few decent pics. We're all getting in the spirit of Christmas! :)

Shep took this picture of Chad and I...not too bad!

Our lil' Shep-man has become quite the little thinker...we have had several of our VPK staff telling us recently that Shepherd will most likely be bored in his next grade level as he is handling VPK with such ease. We're not surprised - he is non-stop talk and has one of the most curious minds I've ever seen! He has been especially curious about God lately and has given Chad and I plenty of opportunity to fumble our way through explaining things. Here's a sample conversation from earlier today...

SHEP: "Mom, why does God live in my belly?"
ME: "WHA?....."
SHEP: "Ya' know, you said God can live in how can be live in my belly if I don't see him."
ME: uh.....(glancing at Chad and secretly conveying my question of "is Shepherd too young to explain the trinity?".)
CHAD: (jumps right in - God love em'!) "Well son, God is invisible and we can't see him in us, but we can feel him.
SHEP: "What's invisible mean?"
ME: "Well, invisible means that he is there, but we just can't see him."
SHEP: "How can God live in my belly, but be in your belly too?"
ME: uh.....
CHAD: "Well, God can live in everyone if we ask him to."
SHEP: "Is there more than one God?"...
ME: "NO!...there is ONLY one God, and God is a jealous God and he only wants us to worship him!"
SHEP: "But what about Santa...can't we worship Santa too?"
ME: "No...definitly not...that would make God sad - Santa is just a person...but God is God and he is the most important thing in all the world!"
Shep: " what's 50 + 55?....haha - j/k...I already know....105!"

And round and round we go...he keeps us on our toes, that's for sure! We love him and just pray that God will continue to grow US so that we'll be able to lead him and teach him to grow up to love the Lord. Sometimes I'm just floored at the wheels that turn in his head...I don't mean to brag, but he truly is one smart cookie! He told us tonight that he was planning on marrying a young girl named Carolina (she's in our preschool)...he said that he had to marry a girl (he reiterated that it couldn't be a boy!), and that he likes Carolina, her brother and her mother...therefore, he felt she would be a good choice to marry. Chad and I just looked at eachother and said...we like your way of thinking and are proud that you're considering her family as well...good choice, son. :)


Patience said...

Great pictures!

tleaf10 said...

haha! He is one smart guy! Keep it up Shep :)

Melody said...

I love the family pictures and I totally went to school with Chad's sister, I'm pretty sure we graduated the same year.

Tell Shep to keep his options opened cause Ella is a good choice too!, that's if he can get past her three big brothers.

Sara said...

HA! Loved the shep story and what beautiful pictures? Did I get shep hooked on taking pictures?! Don't you just love that we have a child finally old enough to take pictures of our spouses with us!? Carter is getting better every day! haha! Most of the pictures that I upload to facebook and what not of just myself is the product of Carter wanting to take a picture of me!

Kate said...

I love those pictures. And how cool that Shep is asking such great is hard to answer those sometimes, but it's always good that our kids are showing interest in their Savior.

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

YES SaraJo - Carter totally got Shepherd thinking he's a "big boy" and quite capable of taking pictures with the "real" digital camera...not just his Kodak kids camera. It is kind of nice to have an extra set of hands to take pics of both Chad and I TOGETHER! :)

Candace said...

LOVE the Shep story! And your pics are great too! I really like the fam pic of you guys on the boardwalk.
Looks like ya'll had a great time in AR and a great Thanksgiving!

Jamie said...

LOL!!! What a smart guy!
Interestingly, I had a similar conversation concerning the Invisible God yesterday with Luke and Jacob. I explained it to the satisfaction of Luke, but of course Jacob looked pretty skeptical. I think I better get out my "Systematic Theology" book and brush up a bit before the next round.

Michael and Hannah said...

Not too bad??? I don't think a bad pic of you EXISTS, gorgeous! Shep is such a smart little guy... you should demonstrate for him whate ELSE can live in a tummy! wink, wink!